January 12th, 2004

Blue Angel

'Getting into' RPing

Hello. Please insert whatever typical 'first post' stuff you'd like here.
Now, on to the real post.

I've been roleplaying online for the past few years, and recently, I've wanted to try roleplaying with people face-to-face, instead of through a few game programs. Not LARPing, per se, but just average tabletop-type stuff.
And, I am rather lost on how to begin getting into that. I'm under the assumption that the first thing I should do is buy a book about the game I want to play, but after that, I'm unsure. You know, of how I'd find anyone to play it with.
So, yes. ^^; Would anyone be able to help me out a bit, on how to begin roleplaying with others in a way besides through the internet? ^^;
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I'm in a new group, and we play online. Since not all of us are online at the same time, different members of the group can get together to do runs at different times. I don't know if this is a normal way of doing things, but it means that our group can rp whenever a couple of us and the gm feel like it, rather than waiting for a triple-headed cat to be born as an omen that everyone will be online at the same time and want to play.

that said, I'm running with people I've both run with before (in this character, in this game) and people I haven't. And I've got a little problem with one of the guys I haven't run with before.

My character is a very attractive, rather nasty lecherous, bitchy troll. Her totem is croc - which is why her charisma is used up in 'pretty' rather than 'personality' (well, it does to shadowrunners). Anyway, this guy's character is this whiny, annoying, as far as my character knows, inept little perv who alternately ogles her and verbally abuses her.

For some reason the player seems to think that I am playing nasty because he's new to the system, or something. I feel that he thinks I'm being deliberately nasty as a player, not playing in character.

I have other problems with the gamer, like the fact it takes him well over two hours(realtime) to get through a 5 minute chat with his contacts, and the fact that he keeps chatting to me about our characters' motivations (and bringing things to a mexican standoff) while I'm trying to concentrate on the game. I've spoken to him about it and told him that i really dislike him doing it, but he doesn't stop.

that said, I try not to let it affect gameplay (which means i have to make more dice rolls than usual to see how my character reacts to him.... (he's been lucky so far. no manna balls to the head... yet) and even though i make my dice rolls where people can see them, he STILL believes that I'm being deliberately malicious to a newbie player, rather than being in character.

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Moving On

This isn't an advertisement for an RPG, rather a region-specific community for such advertisements.


And now onto something more on topic:

Do you think there is an age where people more or less uniformly stop role-playing? And is the fact that some people don't, and continue playing well into their child-rearing days, a sign of immaturity or anything? Is roleplaying a venue of the young?

I mean, I can't really say since I'm pretty young myself, and I don't think there's anything wrong with someone enjoying a good tabletop session once a week or going to LARP every other Saturday, even if they're much older than the general player group. However, there is a certain amount of stigma attached to people who roleplay, and an even bigger one to those who roleplay when they are "mature adults". How old is too old to roleplay? (I say never).

Incidentally, what's the age demography here?