January 11th, 2004


Luusi Calls Home

A bit of background for you first...

Luusi is an Australian Troll Shaman (the really hot one) currently living in Seattle.

The Game is Shadowrun. We're about to go on this big away mission, and Luusi decides to head her family off at the pass, and let them know that she'll be away.

The following is a transcript (spelling corrected) of the conversation.

* Luusi calls australia. 'hey ma... yes, i love you too stop crying, no i'm not coming back soon, i've got a nice new apartment her... yes i know i lost my job, but i like it here.... no well if you do find one, let me know..... "
* Luusi continues to endure motherly love. "no, look i'm going away.... ma, will you please stop crying, i'm going to come back home, just not this month, okay. look can you put someone sane on.... dad, shannus, the guy who lives in the wheeliebin...."
* Luusi finally starts talking to her brother "hi shan, how's ronni? oh okay.... I'm sure it'll heal, no don't worry, it'll probably grow back and if it doesn't that's what medical scinece is there for.... no, just tell mum when she calms down that i'm going off for a week or so and not to worry. nothing, just a holiday, but it's one of those health spa things where you're supposed to be uncontactable.... yeah, i did. a drummer in some metal band..... electric mayhem or something..."
* Luusi continues talking to shannus "look, i have to go, i'm getting some rather filthy looks from the guys i dragged home... yes, i know.... oh, it's only a threesome, I'm taking precautions, don't you worry.... oh stop fussing about me you big dork.... all my love to mum , dad and ronni.... no i don't have time to talk to .... hi dad. no, shan was supposed to hang up... is he, that's nice, no look i really have to go now. love you too dad. bye"
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And we're off again!

New game, which I have promised to run until mid-June (posting season, where the army sends me away for the summer to teach people stuff like standing still and camping with guns).

HARP, the new Iron Crown game. The makers of Rolemaster, a game which I once loved but now sends me into twitchy convulsions. Still, after a month or so of FATE narrative goodness I was looking forward to playing something a little crunchy. And this is just that, a little crunchy. The game looks a little math heavy at a glance but combat and char-gen are both smooth (and both a lot faster than the predecessor)

A sort of Viking/Celtic/Gloranthan Orlanthi culture, set in a Dark Ages pseudo-Europe. The five players are all villagers (two thanes, one carl, one cottar). Stuff is going to start happening. They'll be there. So will there village.

Iron Crown & the unimpeachable Lee Gold's Vikings (long out of print, but anyone who can find Vikings or Robin Hood by Iron crown and likes meaty, accurate, and well-done sourcebooks really can't go wrong here).
Hero Wars, Thunder Rebels, and Storm Tribe.
GURPS: Celtic Myths
Bernard Cornwell's The Winter King, Enemy of God, & Excalibur

The characters: All young, most having recently passed the ceremonies of manhood.

Tim - Egil Skallagrimsson, thane Fighter, and the real powerhouse of the group.
Aaron - Thorval Skallagrimsson, thane Stormpriest (cleric of the blustering north wind god). Brother of Egil.
Bill - Oli Sphornsen, carl Ranger and laconic scout.
Chris - Name Pending - carl Mage Woodsman, who can turn into a raven.
Rob - Name Pending - cottar Cleric of a dark forgotten spirit in the forest.

None of them have too much background yet, but they've got a week to write stuff, under the condition that they're all 16-18 year old characters who have lived in this village all their lives, so no mystic quests to Iskandar when I wasn't looking!

We've got a fair amount of excitement generated. I just hope the thug-couch can pull through.

Bill -

Shining Soul... and a good deal. Woo.

First post here. Don't mind me. I found Shining Soul for the GBA on sale at a local Game Stop, and picked it up. It's portable Diablo in a way! There's 4 character classes. Alas, my poor mage dies whenever something farts in her general direction. But it's a good game if you don't mind mindless button mashing/monster slaying. Also. I got Mutants & Masterminds Hc for about 30 bucks. Woo. I plan on statting my sister up as a villain. Anyone else do goofy stuff like that for villains or NPCs?