January 8th, 2004

On a happy note

I've used this community to rant on a few occasions, and you've all been very gracious about it. So, I thought I'd just post a couple of role-playing related things that have made me happy.

I'm running a game online for a friend of mine. At first, it started out slow, with me waiting up to two weeks at a time for responses from her. And suddenly it picked up. I'd respond to something, and a few minutes later, I have a reply. If I decide to sleep on it, I have an email just checking to make sure I received her reply. Her enthusiasm is a HUGE compliment. And she just sent me an email informing me that she drew a picture of her character and a couple of my NPC's, and that she's going to email it to me as soon as she has a chance to scan it. Although a small part of myself worries that her mental image may clash with mine (which is why I don't try to draw my characters, I like having it in my imagination) this left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

My friend who used to run a very large LARP a few years ago was over at my place (as we're friends), and the subject of that old LARP came up. There had to have been over fifty people involved in that LARP over the years it ran. When I mentioned that I'd enjoyed playing my old Brujah character, particularly because he was an incredibly cruel ST who picked on me quite a bit, he said that my Brujah was his favorite character in that entire game. (You know the ST must love you when he drags your character into the Umbra, beats you into Torpor, and dumps your body out in front of your loved ones, telling them that this is just a warning.)
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