January 5th, 2004

Suggestions on a prestige class

I have a player who is a bard in my game, gnomish to specify. He had grand designs of becomming a crafter or tinkerer of some sort at the beginning of play, but then found himself wanting to work with minor magical items. I am working with the player to make a prestige class that can "recharge" wands and possibly rods and staves later on. I figured on making it a prestige class that added its levels to the bard class to make them stack (5Bard/2Artifcer=7Bard). I was thinking of making the bonus feats that would allow the bard to recharge these items cost a bit of expereince (depending on spell level and the level of what the spell was cast at). I am doing it this way to compensate for a bard inability to cast certian spells that might be needed to normally craft wand for these recharges....if that makes sense.

Do you think this is balanced or is there a better way of doing this. (d20 Forgotten Realms game.)
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Arisia Gaming Update

The deadline for comp memberships at Arisia 2004 for running tabletop games has passed. However, that doesn't mean that you're shut out. If you want to submit a game to run this year, you can still get yourself in the Pocket Program Guide and on the web site, and possibly earn a free membership to Arisia 2005.
If this sounds like something you'd like to do, follow the instructions here. Hope to see some more of you at Arisia this year.
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Three Fantasy RPG Mini-Reviews

So, yes, I've had some time to sit down and read some, so I've caught up on some of the RPGs I've bought in the last few months.

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In fact, the Spiritual Attributes system of XP is so great I'm tempted to try to adapt it to Storyteller and d20, as it would move those games in the direction that they're supposed to be going by dint of rhetoric and the direction I'd prefer, respectively.

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Generally, it's nice to have a lot of excellent toolkits for fantasy play, to the point where I'd be tempted to abandon D&D if I ever run fantasy again. The only thing stopping me would be d20's popularity and the fact that my favorite fantasy setting, the Scarred Lands, does such an excellent job of making the arbitrary D&D worldview make sense, and is difficult to divorce from that system. (Much more so than even the World of Darkness stuff. I could do Vampire in Heroquest real easy.)

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