January 2nd, 2004


Crossposted to my LJ

I am becoming fascinated with Warhammer. Not the modeling side so much as the actual game play.

I wonder if there's some variation that doesn't require a shit-load of stuff to play, or someone who can show me the ropes and loan me an army for a short skirmish. I just want to play the game, not invest days and hours in building and painting.

Well, maybe the modeling side will be a little more feasible when the boys are older. I think Ray would get a kick out of it. it is something we can do together. With his artistic side (which he doesn't get from me!) he'll probably love painting the models.

I think I'll see if the budget allows for a copy of the rulebook. Not the starter box, but just the rulebook.

Man, I wish they had something like the SJ Games "lite" rule series.