December 29th, 2003


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cross posting this from my journal, just because it amuses me;

almost done creating "my PH." This is the players' guidebook for my campaigns, a d20 book... in theory it could have been a list of house rules, but I'm the kind of fruitcake that wants everything in one place, so I also went through and consolidated a few things. people still have to go elsewhere to find special feats and PrCs (I tried compiling feats once and gave up... that was almost a year ago now, so it's probably wildly outdated however good it was at the time.) so this is just my revisions of the SRD... which is pretty odd at times (returned to 3.0 cover because cover always being a +2 bonus bothers me, and changing the NPC classes to "alternate classes" that are actually worth taking are two of the things I've done tonight.)

I'm afraid to wonder at the page count, as it's the entirety of the 3.5 PH plus a good hunk of the DMG.

still have to chew through the spells and make alterations (only done the uber-glaring "true strike" correction so far still have the "detect funky shit" series that I have to grind through- plus something else will pop up at me, I'm sure) and then I have the magic items to tear apart. the hard part of that will be finally figuring out the math for gp = day = xp conversions and figuring out how to calculate base prices on metamagic/magical power enhancing items...