December 25th, 2003


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Saint Nicholas
aka Santa Claus
aka Wonderworker
aka Thavmatourgos
Believed to have been a member of the Celestial Chorus
They do sing a lot of songs about him
Primordial Essence, Caregiver/Architect
Str 4 Dex 2 Sta 4 Cha 3 Man 2 App 2 Per 2 Int 3 Wit 3
Abilities: Craft (toy) 5, Pilot Sleigh 5 (specialty: airbourne), Survival 5 (specialty: north pole), Animal Ken 5 (specialty: reindeer), Intuition 5 (special: naughty/nice), Athletics 5 (specialty: chimney contortions).
Arete 8
Willpower 9
Spheres: Matter 4, Time 7 (possibly exemplar status), Prime 5, Correspondence 5, Entropy 1, Spirit 1 (possibly more, depending on whether he has been in contact with marauders in recent centuries)
Relevant Rotes: Detect Naughty/Nice 10 mile radius (Corr 3, Spirit 1, Entropy 1), Toy Factory (Prime 2, Matter 3, Correspondence 1), Worldwide Nighttime Sleighride (Time 7, Correspondence 5), Chimney Gimicks (Matter 4 or Correspondence 4 if there isn't any chimney)
Backgrounds: Legend 5, Avatar 5, Destiny 5, Wonder 5 (sleigh), Demesne 5 (north pole), Resources ?, Influence ? (uncountable!)
Flaws: Cyclic Magic (christmas season) 5

Nicholas was the bishop of the Christian Church in the Asia Minor city of Myra (now Demre, Turkey) in the fourth century AD. He is beloved throughout the Christian East for his kindness and help, both "during his life" and afterward.