December 14th, 2003

Just an Observation

Has anyone ever had a player in their gaming group that for some reason all their characters hate a certain type of thing regardless of character and system?

I can give a good example of one in the group I am currently in. John, the player I'm about to mention, has a rabid hatered towards all undead, but specifically against Vampires and a certain kindess to liches and Deathknights in Dungeons and Dragons. He has a rabid hatered against any lycanthrope, wether it be in Werewolf, D+D, Shadowrun, Rifts, or any other game. Through his hatered of undead, he has developed an intense dislike for Necromancers in general, and through his hatered of lycanthropes he has developed a hatered for anything that has fur and can talk no matter the system.

So now that this example has been given, anyone else have a player like this in your gaming groups? I myself rather enjoy undead and lycanthropes in any system they are encountered in for the sheer destructive power, vampires in shadowrun are nigh unkillable but can still be done, same as rifts.

I've found with players like this, playing a character that is in a sense dual natured such as a lycanthrope or a wizard who plans to become a master of the undead or a vampire is in extereme danger because that player, at least in our group, goes out of their way to get the said character dead. As a normal townsperson who had never heard of vampires in Rifts he stalked the character for three nights so he could stake and kill him. When asked why he hunted down the character he smiled and said that he was a vampire hunter in disguise and had known there was a vampire in the group. He later got disembowled by the other vampire in the group.
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Hello everyone. New. ^_^

Hello~! I came to this community because I had a question on my mind, and it really needs resolve.

How do you all feel about rp relationships and real-life relationships, in the sense of mixing them or keeping them separate? The question was caused by the fact that I recently started being involved with someone I rp with, but a short time later his character in our RPG hooked back up with a friend's character (the two characters had been dating previously, not the players. They say they're just friends.), and suddenly I myself and the friend's girlfriend are feeling rather... jealous? Like we aren't getting the proper attention/importance as compared to how much attention this RP relationship seems to be recieving. We feel as if we're sitting back and watching as my boyfriend and her girlfriend are posting long mushy goo goo 16 page written-out sex scenes. But then again, we could just be overreacting, even though it still feels wrong. We each tried to talk to our respective significant other, and it seems that the concensus answer is that they don't want to mix real life relationships (as this is a net RPG) with roleplayed ones. Something about how there might be issues, and it wouldn't be right to put together characters just because the players are together, or something like that. It really upsets both myself and the other girl I'm in the same boat with, as it's like it's too late to watch out for the well-being of the real relationships, because they're already being taxed by the RP ones.

So, can you offer any advice? Is it fair for the other girl and I to try and stop the RP relationship because of how we feel, justified in that it's disturbing and is far too close to cheating, or are we just being jealous and need to realize where the boundary between RP and reality is? I think we all know how emotionally intense roleplay can be, and it's difficult to tell up from down sometimes. A logical opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.