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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
12:13a - Dragoneye miniatures update
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Just in case anyone's curious, I found a link to spoiler pics of the new series of D&D Miniatures. All 60 miniatures are shown. It's posted over at dnd_minis if ya wanna check 'em out!

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9:47a - I'm not sure I'm meant to GM
I know a lot of my most recent posts have been a bit ranty, and I've felt a little bad about that. I even joined bad_rpers_suck so I might have a more appropriate place to post that sorta thing.


A little over two weeks ago, I ran the first session of my D&D (Planescape) game, the first game I've ever run. I'd talked about it in anticipation before. It went okay, not a big disaster. I say it just went okay because I'm still a nervous wreck.

The player characters don't get along quite the way I expected them to, but it has added some great amusement for me. I should've realized with how paranoid my husband's character is, that he would suspect that my younger sister's character is secretly working for the people who are out to get him. And she (rightfully) blames him for the bad situation they're in. They're not at each other's throats, but neither of them trust the other. It's not a bad thing, just not how I expected it to be. And it's generated some laughs. (It's not the level of conflict I complained about previously.)

Anyway, as I said, it was the first session I've ever run. They have a seemingly simple task that really is not going to be as simple as it seems. They're looking for someone connected to the Blood War who has faked her own death and gone into hiding, except that they're not aware she's done that, yet.

But does the nervousness ever go away? Every second I was terrified that they would ask me some question, go in some direction, and that I wouldn't know what to tell them about it. Do you get over this? Or am I just more of a player than a DM at heart?

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11:06a - A Map Resource (or Two)
I don't know about YOU, but there have been MANY times I have needed some nice blank maps of the world/continents for my games (especially future/cyberpunk games where political divisons have changed). I used to buy them from school supply places. Today I was satisfying my curiousity and came across some nice maps in PDF format (easily editable in Adobe) and thought to share them with you all.


and this one for more detail:


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8:01p - Non-lethal ways of getting rid of PCs
I'm playing a Changeling LARP in Montreal and I've stumbled onto a bit of what I perceive *may* be a problem. The game has run for about 7 months now, and there have been 5 PC deaths so far.

Playing a generally nice-guy Pooka, I decided to go for getting him exiled instead of killing him (fairly possible given the circumstances, Primal 5 is pretty powerful stuff). After about six weeks of various info-gathering and planning, I assembled a case that in my estimation should have had him punted out of the city with a Geas not to come back on top. The plan went as follows:

Collapse )

So, last Friday's game was when the fallout was supposed to hit from it, and apparently it did, though the Baron is still in the city. I'm sure there's some in-game reason for this that I'm not privy to, but in this sort of situation, how the hell do you get rid of a PC other than by killing him when political attempts are doomed to fail (there will likely never be another attempt this solid)?

I since quasi-retired my character with permission from the GMs to bring him back at some point (or if they ask me to), and I am very sorely tempted to turn this Baron into a rock, pocket him, and dump him in the ocean where he'll die of water pressure when he turns back the first chance I get if/when Darwin returns.

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