December 9th, 2003

Anyone going to GenCon SoCal?

I'll be working at the Shadowrun/Battletech/Dark Eye booth all four days from 10-1:30, so please swing by and introduce yourselves.

Oh yeah, and buy stuff!

I'll be the tall guy with too much facial hair.

And if anyone's interested, I'll be running Rokugan d20 friday and saturday night from 7pm - 11pm for AEG.

Hope to see some of you guys there!
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RP Roleplayers

Ok, PvP has started a great game at this comic.

The question is, is there a system out there that similiar? Yes, I know you could do it with d20 or some other generic system (though I could also write it up in ShadowRun), but I know I wouldn't get everything.


EDIT: Since I've been pointed to the Scott's rants, he and two game makers are working on a d20 ver of the system. My dreams have come true, because you know I'll play Francis or Brent to start out with ;)
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GM Blues

I've been attempting to run a Vampire game, but it hasn't been going well. This is the first game I've attempted to run, and I probably wouldn't have even bothered to try running my own game with this little experience gaming outside of the nice safe dice less on-line format, if it weren't for issues which lead to me getting asked to leave the group I'd been gaming with. (that's a whole mess in and of itself which would have probably been better dealt with by a marriage counselor, but the quick fix was remove the person who was making the GM's wife suspicious, whatever.)

Anyhow, I suspect that part of my problem is that I've been depending too much of my improv abilities to come up with game subjects as we go, and that I haven't been able to successfully set the mood since I haven't had the time to put together a CD full of music fitting for the game. But I also wonder if it makes any difference that each session I seem to have issues with players who aren't really getting into the game.

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Now I'm starting to wonder if I just did a bag job recruiting players, if perhaps my lack of experience and limited prep time would cause all this to happen, is it a mix of both, or is it just this game is doomed to die and I really shouldn't fight it? Or would it perhaps be better if I just took an axe to the game idea, and started fresh, and worked with my players to pick up character concepts that will work better with whatever way I decide to go with my next attempt?

Any and all advice is welcome. I want to be able to run a game and have fun, and the way this whole thing is going is frustrating me!
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