December 5th, 2003

Post RP Session Summaries!

I know we've got a bunch of GMs and Players in here. And I know waiwode has done this before... but I'd like to see some more people posting summaries of their game sessions! Just provide a link to the system you're using, a brief explanation of its premise, some info on the characters, and a summary of what happened in play. I'm going to start doing this with the Fading Suns game I'm playing.



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Meta-Gaming - it's been a thorn in the side of oh so many roleplayers practically since RPGs were invented.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, Meta-Gaming is a when the player uses outside knowledge. In other words, they know something, so they act like their character knows the same thing (when they don't). This can be anywhere from merely goofy, to exceedingly annoying.

Meta-gaming comes in many forms. It can range anywhere from a player who has read about the campaign setting and acts as if their character had the same knowledge (IE a Deadlands character knowing all about the background of the Deadlands world, or a Forgotten Realms character knowing far more than they should about, say, the drow) to a D&D player assigning their character a low wisdom stat and then failing to act on the incredible lack of common sense that would imply.

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