November 24th, 2003

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Gaming Prejudice.

Not what you might think, just me being silly.

Somehow I have no trouble handling the concept of a 17 year old kid playing a 200 year old dwarf.

I am unable to handle the idea of a 34-ish year old grognard playing a 17 year old Slayer in the Buffy rpg. Weird.


I'm not down on the Buffy mechanic. This is just a mental image thing. I'm bad.
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Well Hello There Community!!

Hey there all, just thought I'd do the standard intro message (don't worry though, I'll add some pseudo-content as well at the end) so you guys can get to know me... I imagine I'll end up being a fairly occasional poster...

Anywho, I'm from the DC Metro area of Virginia, about 1 hour (during moderate traffic) from DC itself... As far as pen-and-paper games go, I'm pretty much a d20/d&d snob... Can't say I'm really into or all that interested in Vampire or White Wolf or whatever else is out there... Sorry Buffy folks. I'm currently playing in one campaign as a Brd5/Fgt6 Human, and DMing another campaign in my own completely homebrew world. My campaign is via IRC though (one player lives half a country away), the other is your standard 'meet once a week around a table' game... Beyond the p-n-p types, I'm an obsessive console RP gamer... Played every Final Fantasy (sans the crappy gameboy ones, and newly released FFXI and FF:CC), played Dragon Quest/Warrior 1 through 6, played a massive assortment of others... My biggest obsession however, would definitely have to be music... period. But, that's not really the core subject of this community, so pardon me while I skip over that... Anyway, onto the content-like part:

A good friend of mine recently gave me this book as a gift (I'd mentioned an interest in it before as my current and favorite character is a sort of pirate), and after going through it... I've decided it's utterly amazing. Wow. Now the book (Skull & Bones by Green Ronin Publishing, if you're too lazy to hit the link) is created for the sake of a completely seperate campaign (d20 rules), but totally lends itself beautifully to adapting to your average D&D setting; with my party's recent acquisition of a beautiful Elven made Schooner, we're having the chance to include the book's extremely extensive rules on ships and sailing... w00t! Though now I have this massive urge to DM a full-fledged S&B campaign (There are so many new aspects to the game... Fame, Contacts, Etc).... *Sighs* Anyway, anyone with even a remote interest in Voodoo, sailing, piracy, or basically any other high-seas type idea should definitely be sure not to miss this book. Don't just listen to me though, check out this review from GameWyrd of EN World.

Well anyway, everyone welcome the newbie!
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I'm going through Role Playing withdraws.... our DM been too busy in the last like 7 months to write a dungeon and he refuses to use books(well actully he has no cash to buy em) and in NW Indiana there are VERY few GMs and ALOT of players for games so finding a group that has less then like 8 is hard..theres 1 store that runs games around here and they got like 12 people in there DnD...sigh, what do you guys do when your going through RP withdraws?
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For the first time...

in over a year I may have a regular game.

For the first time in a decade I would be the regular gamemaster (narrator in this particular game's parlance).

I have my first player for a Saturday morning/early afternoon Heroquest game.

I haven't run a serious game on a regular basis in 15 years (ten years ago a ran a brief, semi-regular TfOS game). So, as a rusty, out of practice GM I decide to attempt one of the most inaccessible settings in gaming (either 2nd or 3rd depending on how you rate Jorune...I think most people consider Tekumel even more inaccessible than Glorantha).

Then again, why not...the battle goes neither to the swift or the strong, but to the bold.

PS. Anyone in CT interested in joining drop me a line.