November 23rd, 2003

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anyone ever have a "magoo syndrome"? like mister magoo?

i did about a month ago, my character was obsessed with his pistols that he hand made, and him and the rest of the group were fighting on this space station.. so they were in a huuuge store room, so i kept looking over in the area where small guns are.

and this dude keeps trying to hit me, but i keep dodging, all while im searching for my guns, completely oblivious to the fact that someone is attacking me.. finally one of my team mates turned around and shot him after about 6 of the guy's attacks. and im like "okay i found them" and this dead guy is behind me and im like "huh?!"

anyone ever have a similar situation? needless to say that all the players and even the GM in the game were getting a kick out of it. :)
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