November 21st, 2003


Story Ideas: Philip K. Dick.

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There was a recent article on Philip K. Dick in Wired magazine that I found very interesting. Now, I've read Dick's stuff before (although, oddly enough, never any of the stories that have been turned into movies... except Screamers, and I'm not too proud of that one after what they did with the film), and it's really rife with stuff suitable for a Mage game... but a few things in this article just jump out at me.

And the weirdest part is, these are things that have more to do with Dick himself than with the stories he wrote.

For those of you not willing to click the links, here are the ones that stood out as great story ideas for me:

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I especially like the ideas of Valis and the Black Iron Prison.


Kipple is also a very useful concept... and, in my opinion, is one of those words like "grok" that sounds odd, comes from a sci-fi writer who was ahead of his time, but really catches onto a concept that's not easily nailed down. I'd use kipple to include those "memes" that are more distracting and annoying than entertaining, as well.
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Changeling Character Idea

Hey there.

I'm vaguely thinking about getting back into online roleplaying a bit (I was involved at various levels of participation in Chathouse's Vampire Court for about a year) and want to give Changeling a swing.

Now, I have a few little character ideas (and a few places I'd like to try them out) but one in particular seems like it could be some trouble to actually implement. Anyone care to help?

Warning: I did take parts of this character concept from a rather touching/sad real-world incident... if I were to go with this concept, I'd try to do so as seriously as possible.

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So... any thoughts on the character, or where I might play him? What about other, physical stats or flaws?

Thanks for the help.