November 20th, 2003


The "Hero Complex"

Has anyone else played in a game where the plot seemed to revolve around one, maybe two, characters, while the other characters seemed to fade into the woodwork?

One of my gaming books calls this the "Hero Complex." Essentially, the plot focuses on the hero (and perhaps his or her loyal sidekick and love interest), while the other characters are passed over - unless they're the only people who can do something that the hero needs done.

I used to play in a game like this.

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I finally got so sick of being essentially ignored that I quit the game.

Anyone else have a similar experience? And do any of the GMs in the community have any advice on how to avoid having it happen when you're running a game?
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The last post had me thinking

I hope nobody that participates in the game I'm about to discuss reads this. I think most of them don't have livejournals. I hope.

In groups, I often have this tendency to fade in the background. It's not that I'm a passive player. It's just that I must not have a loud enough voice? I get talked over and interrupted a lot, and I'm pretty sure that people don't do it on purpose. Except for the very LOUD Brujah character I used to play in an old LARP, it's often hard for me to make myself heard in a multi-player game. Which means I often end up as a follower of some leader.

The d&d game my husband just began is based on the world he used to run some solo adventures for me in. He invited some close friends to play with us, people that we always have loads of fun role-playing with, people I LOVE role-playing with.

The problem is that my character basically has the leadership role, as the low-level paladin leading the group on the quest. I'm the only lawful character in the group. Luckily, MOST of the group is at least good aligned. I NEED to keep them on task, and the guy playing the thief is definitely trying to move in and take charge of things. And based on what I already mentioned, I tend to be a lousy leader.

We already had an instance when he and I went to talk to the captain of the ship we were on, I realized I knew some bad things about the guy. I told the thief as we were heading back to our companions. When we met with the others, I opened my mouth, and the thief proceeded to start talking, and not really getting out the information I'd just given him. I occasionally broke in with, "But-", "Yes-", "And,"

How do you deal with domineering role-players when you're just not?
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Pirate Bug


Okay, again I come to you in a time of need, for I am needful.

In our Forgotten Realms game, I have an Aasimar Cleric of Sune. She's 17th level right now, and, well, she's a killing machine. Hehe. She also heals like you wouldn't believe. My goals with her are to keep her to where she can heal you up regardlessly, but also allow her to keep using her special divine holy spells. So, I basically want her to be able to heal and kill undead easily, since those are the two things she always does in every fight in our campain.

Heres the thing- I want her to take a prestige class, but I'm not sure which one would be a good idea and maybe help her to get to the point that I'd like her to get to. Any suggestions?