November 19th, 2003

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Damage and The Riddle.

Silent Clarity silentclarity wrote:

Personally I think hit points however are by far the *worst* system of damage.

I agree. Of course they are duecedly easy to use. I've played "realistic" games and nine times out of eight the hassle just isn't worth the extra reality measure. Of course,I like a fair touch of cinema in my games, so I'm not totally upset by all of this.

A long time ago a friend of mine came up with an interestingly "realistic" yet totally unworkable rule: Everyone has 10 Hit Points. Every level you roll your Max Negative Hit Points, complete with Con Bonus.

If you want to check out a good damage system I'd suggest looking into The Riddle of Steel - .

If you check my posts to this community (my session updates when I get around to writing them) you'll see that I'm currently running TRoS. (Most of the characters are about Insight 10-15 right now). TRoS has a very realistic wound/strike system, however the importance of Toughness is over-exaggerated. If an Average Person has Toughness 3-4 than our Toughness 8 Cymric houligan has inherent protection equivalent to chainmail.

I really am glad I bought/ran TRoS, although I don't think it is the System of Systems for me. The quest for the Grailof Gaming continues.



From a thread on, about how to use Mage: The Ascension's magic to improve your home:

Amazing and insightful TV (Entropy 2, Mind 3, Time 3)

Any TV program you watch is just awesome. You can't describe the beauty of
Dallas, and you often get flashes of philosophical insight by watching The
Weakest Link. Other's TV might be changing them into dribbling idiots, but
yours is a shrine of personal empowerment. Besides, watching it doesn't
take a lot of your time.
Sleeping before Nocturnal Wonderland

city name help!

I need to pick 4 of these as main city of each region
I like pentak silat and Luenkin Rogg best

Scotote or Secotleg
Pentak Silat
Jo Marn
Hap Reser
Der Setcar
Encell Nelo
Crupan or Crucant
Luenkin Rogg
Yaacheek or Yaasook
Fayjar or Fey Jar
Baccor Heights
Spoit Grough