November 18th, 2003

Painted Redhead

Fading Suns and Music

I'm starting a Fading Suns campaign, and the GM has asked that each player provide him with music for their character - an anthem that describes the character, or theme music, if you will. I'm already compiling a mix of music for the campaign in general (mostly instrumental and choral that works well as background music, and some symphonic goth/punk/industrial that will help set the mood before game), but I'm drawing a blank for my own character.

The character I am playing is an Engineer from House Shelit (there are various reasons of how she came to be an Engineer; for those of you who are intimately familiar with the game, just go with it, and don't try to overthink this one). House Shelit is known for their intelligence, cybernetics and general lack of emotion. In fact, they have an affliction called "dispassionate", the mechanics of which run something along the lines of "under stress the character has to roll [some combination of dice here] to prevent from taking the most logical and direct course of action". Usually this comes into play when the most logical and direct course of action will result in the killing of other people, e.g., "There are innocent peasants in my way. The quickest way of removing them is at the end of my flame gun. I will now remove them." (Blows peasants away.)

It should also be noted that as a coming of age rite, those of House Shelit have a limb removed and a cybernetic one attached to replace it. Sometimes it's as simple as a basic prosthetic, and other times it's more complex (or in my case, I have the swiss-army arm, complete with corkscrew and bottle opener!)

So here's the deal: I am looking for music that will properly convey my overwhelmingly sociopathic character. Any genre will do, although I have leanings towards a harder, more industrial sound.

All help is greatly appreciated.
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