November 15th, 2003


Translating CtD MET Frailty to TT

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I'm making up customized character sheets for the various kiths in Changeling: The Dreaming, and discovered that I like the MET Frailty for Spriggans (one of the Thallain kiths) more than the tabletop one. The trouble is, I need to translate the Frailty from MET to TT rules.

Here's what it says in The Shining Host Players Guide:

"Height of Folly: All Spriggans have unpleasant tempers, and when insulted they tend to have a surprising reaction -- these Thallain actually grow larger as their fury rises, up to twice their normal size. Unfortunately for them, the change is neither graceful nor powerful, and even naive opponents can see 'bumbling giant' written all over an irate spriggan. If provoked by an appropriate Social Challenge, made the target of a serious personal jibe, or otherwise directly and gravely insulted, the spriggan must win (not tie) a Simple Test or begin to grow at a rate of two feet per turn until she clams down or reaches twice normal size. What's more, while in her enlarged and enraged state, she receives the Negative Physical Traits Clumsy x 2 and Violent, opponents are one trait up on all tests to hit her in combat, and the spriggan should adopt a posture that signifies her increased size. This rage lasts until the spriggan has beaten her foe, left the area or spent a Willpower Trait to contain her anger...

"This is a Wyrd Frailty -- spriggans do not actually grow to the sight of the unenchanted, but still gain the Negative Traits involved due to their lumbering form, and mortal witnesses typically ascribe their impairment to extreme rage or intoxication." (pp. 128-129)

I'm thinking I might give them penalties to Dexterity unless they succeed in making a Willpower roll to contain their anger. Any other ideas?
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