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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
1:56a - Should I Or Shouldnt I?
Can ya go here: Poll

Post if you think i should keep a Live Journal for my Victorian Era game.


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3:52a - Victorian Game ... Here!
Due to overwelming response, I created the Livejournal for my Victorian Game ...

The Victorian Chronicle.

It has yet to be named ...

current mood: creative

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10:17a - Unfortunate Circumstances (x-posted)
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1:16p - dice?
The giving season nearing, I'm wondering who can tell me a good place/store/webpage/whatever to find some nicer sets of dice since I have a number of friends who would likely go ape over getting some of those in their stockings. :) (other people here I am sure agree!)


current mood: curious

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5:57p - Naming Ideas
I've got four orders of knights in my campaign setting but only have a name for one of the orders. I'd love to hear some suggestions for cool names for knightly orders.

Examples from Eddings:

See how strong those two names sound? I need something strong sounding and I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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6:15p - Humour: You Know You're a Gamer If...
I found this while going through some old docs on my computer, and thought it was worth a chuckle.

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6:39p - Hey guys
I'm working on some character descriptions for the game I run for my sister. She likes me to compare NPC's to actors/actresses as far as looks go... can I get some suggestions from you guys? Example: saying a female NPC looks like "Piper" from Charmed, etc

can you guys recommend an actor/actress for:

a very yummy, model-esque male blonde (longish hair) (not Orlando Bloom)?
A pudgy, middle aged, very pale man who's totally bald but has dark eyebrows?
A guy who'd make a great Elric/ albino elf
An Arabic male, long hair...model-pretty
a grizzled and mean spirited aging male half-elf?


current mood: geeky

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