November 12th, 2003

Elven Brooch


The giving season nearing, I'm wondering who can tell me a good place/store/webpage/whatever to find some nicer sets of dice since I have a number of friends who would likely go ape over getting some of those in their stockings. :) (other people here I am sure agree!)

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Naming Ideas

I've got four orders of knights in my campaign setting but only have a name for one of the orders. I'd love to hear some suggestions for cool names for knightly orders.

Examples from Eddings:

See how strong those two names sound? I need something strong sounding and I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Hey guys

I'm working on some character descriptions for the game I run for my sister. She likes me to compare NPC's to actors/actresses as far as looks go... can I get some suggestions from you guys? Example: saying a female NPC looks like "Piper" from Charmed, etc

can you guys recommend an actor/actress for:

a very yummy, model-esque male blonde (longish hair) (not Orlando Bloom)?
A pudgy, middle aged, very pale man who's totally bald but has dark eyebrows?
A guy who'd make a great Elric/ albino elf
An Arabic male, long hair...model-pretty
a grizzled and mean spirited aging male half-elf?

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