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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
(If this is the wrong place to post this, let me know, and I'll remove it.)

I've put together a page with blank character sheets for a variety of games in PDF format. I hope it can be helpful to the GMs and players here.

The archive is located at http://rpg.black-unicorn.org/sheets.html. Feel free to download and use the sheets.

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7:08p - Question for D+D GMs
Has anyone found a good use for the Exotic Weapon Master or the Candle caster?

I'm about to start in a GM tri-opt and I'm seriously thinking of going down the road of Exotic Weapon Master with an NPC... just for the heck of it so far... but they seem to be a rather useless class all things considered... 5 lvls, no armor and weapon profs however at 3rd lvl all exotic weapons can now be used with no penality, and then can get weapon spec in all exotic weapon.

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10:47p - What are some
Good D and D monsters to put in a very large maze. I was thinking some Bug bears for tactical attacks with some kobolds and dire apes(for climbing) for a 2-5 cr maze. Or for 5 - 7 I was thinking maybe Displacer beasts distracting the group with mimics to confuse the group.

Any ideas on other good maze creatures?

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