November 10th, 2003


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Storyteller System players try this:
Take an assault rifle, just for shits and grins, and roll an attack against an opponent at short (but not point blank) range. See how much damage you do. Then see what happens when you unload the clip into them. +10 dice, but +2 difficulty. A combat twinked character with a die pool of 8 dice will score an average of ~4.8 successes full auto and ~3.6 with a single shot (correcting for 1's and 10's). In other words, firing fifty rounds at someone is 33% more effective than firing one. Shouldn't it, you know, turn them into swiss cheese?

Ducheski Revenant Line

Anyone know where the Ducheski revenant line is listed in the (White Wolf) Vampire: The Masquerade books? If they're mentioned in the MET/LARP version, even better! :) Thanks in advanced, but I can't seem to find them.
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Sleeping before Nocturnal Wonderland

When things get deadly

I have been doing a lot of work on the story for my campain and have come up with an excellent 'main' story with many others in it. Now, some of these dungeons are deadly with some creatures that will trap the team or lead them into an ambush and set traps too. Along with some of the later roleplaying could get some people killed if they are not careful. But what is too deadly.

My goal is to have them complete this main task. But it will not be easy. I plan on having them really utilize their skills. And allow prestige classes too. But you must work for the special classes, they are not given.
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