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Sunday, November 9th, 2003
Has anyone ever had the situation where it was fairly obvious the Storyteller wanted to lead you in a certain direction to you as a person, but your character had no idea? Or evens worse, your character knew, but there was no way in hell that your character would do it?
DM's? How might you handle this?
Rp'ers, any stories?
Just curious.

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1:51a - GMing advice needed
I'm a bit stuck with my Changeling PBEM's next story. Here's the deal so far: Collapse )

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6:51p - Crit and miss table
Ok, I personally like the way one of my DM's handled crits and misses. That was a 1 was a miss and a 20 was a crit. No reroll or anything. Made combat deadly and fun.

There was a discussion on how some DM's have crit hit and miss tables that many people like. So I want to come up with one. It is partially done but this is how it works in case any of you don't know. You roll a 1 then reroll to see what happens. Same if you roll a crit. Any input would be nice.
Collapse )

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9:01p - Victorian Age Vampire ... Help?
I have a lot of White Wolf books and I have the Victorian Age book and I have two players.

I need a storyline and some suggestions. I was thinking maybe doing something with maybe Poe or Lovecraft ...

Also something in the states since my bf's family is from England/Wales and I dont wanna screw that up. I was also thinking something with the Tarot, seances and such.

Think i could get away with reworking fairy tales?

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10:37p - White-Wolf system question
Which should be considered a botch on a roll- If you roll NO successes, and at least one 1, or if you fewer successes than you do ones? I've been arguing for a long time now that it should be the former, but I get outvoted. I'm wondering how everyone out there handles it.

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