November 8th, 2003


Best of all worlds?

Here's one for the WoD players, I guess --

Why do a number of players seem to want to mix-and-match character types from a variety of games? I've had a number of people try to do this, from the player who wanted his Ventrue to be Fianna Kin, to the other player who wanted a mage who was a changeling's kid, to the guy who wanted to play a Dhampire Qualmi Abomination.

What's the deal here? I'm confused; do these people just not see the fun in playing, say, a Camarilla Toreador painter, Homid Black Fury Galliard singer, Order of Hermes college professor, or wilder satyr dancer? Is the urge to mix and match simply a desire to be unique (i.e., are the "basic" character types too "ordinary" for some players) or is there something more going on that I'm missing? I don't think it's *totally* a twink thing, because some pretty good players I've known have also done it at times...

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