November 7th, 2003

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last name help

I have a character I need a really good last name for and I'm kind of stuck.

Her first name is Claire and she's a Brujah for a LARP. She's a theatre techie (lighting). The thing is that more often than not she gets called by her last name.

I want a really cool last name that sounds like a really tough last name. So far the only thing I could come up with was "Mixon", which sounds a lot like "Nixon" and I'm not sure if I want my character to be called "Mix" or "Mixy".

Any ideas/links to last name generators would be appreciated :)
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It's a Choose Your Own Adventure!

So you're sitting in the first day of class. It's a small discussion class, and the professor asks the students to go around the table and say their names, majors, and their favorite hobby or pastime. You dutifully state your name and major, but get a little nervous when you say your hobby:

"I play tabletop RPGs," you mumble.
"RPGs?" The professor asks.
"It stands for Roleplaying Games."
"Roleplaying games? Mind if I ask what that means?"
Trying to get it over with, you make a little self-depricating joke: "If you're expecting something dirty, you're out of luck. It's more geeky than kinky. I'm talking about things like D&D."
"I never really understood what D&D is. I've seen the movie and there's that video game. It looks like Conan or Lord of the Rings or something. But what do you do?"

Do you...

A. Refer to it vaguely as "...kind of a mix between improvisational theater and a board game with a referee," thus hoping to make it sound really complicated. If they don't like improv theater and aren't interested enough to inquire further, that's fine by you.

B. Describe the reality of most gaming sessions: "Basically, you pretend to be a hero, kill monsters, and take their stuff." That's the gist of it. If they want you to describe the specifics of how it works, you'll be here all day!

C. Try to evoke memories of childhood pretend games while trying to protect your dignity as a mature adult: "It's a grown up version of cops and robbers, but you have rules to settle disputes and someone who works hard to make up cool plots for the rest of us to play with."

Or D. Relate it to computer games since anyone who is capable of understanding probably plays some kind of interactive game anyway: "It's like a fantasy video game, but with paper and pencil. Like if you played final fantasy without the playstation."

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Mean GM poll

Well, I just did what I think may be my meanest act as a GM ever — I typed up a six-page "lab report" for one of the characters, detailing the physical and psychological tests, punishments, and surgeries his 7-year-old daughter went through after being captured by forces unknown almost 10 years ago. He recieved the lab report from an NPC at the last game, and I decided it would make a good prop that he'd want to consult later, and it would have more of an impact if he ever decides to show it to the other players.

There's all kinds of nasty stuff in there. After about two years of surgeries, which are only designated as failures or successes, with "tissue rejection" statistics and "heal rate" statistics, she was put on "active duty," and then there's a series of reports about encounters and combats over the next several years. No clue as to what she looks like now or what they actually did to her — just a whole lot of detail that touches on the things he'd least want to know (her Pain Threshold rating, her Obedience score) while leaving out the key stuff he still needs to find out. Of course, it's far too late for him to do anything about what they did to her, though the report does still indicate that she's on "active duty."

I feel slightly guilty; for me, this goes beyond Mean GM and well into Twisted Sadistic GM.

So make me feel better about myself. Tell me, as a GM, what's the meanest, most sadistic thing you ever did to a player or a party? Or as a player, what's the godawful cruelest thing a GM ever put you through?
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Wish Me Luck

I'm starting my new game this weekend. It's the steampunk/fantasy/action-adventure game I've been hitting people up here and elsewhere for ideas with worldbuilding and whatnot for the past few months.

I'm excited. This is the first time I've run a non-World of Darkness game in almost a decade. The players seem into it, and I hope things will come out cool.

There are still a few things I'm not sure how I'm going to do them (including one big one), and a few players still need to make/finish characters, but all in all things are ready.

Those of you who care to read such things can find the player's handout pdf here. Those of you who don't care about such things can continue on your way.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a bit of my excitement. This is an idea I've wanted to do for a couple of years now, and hopefully it'll be a damned good time.