November 6th, 2003

Newbie DMing

I've posted in the past about the fact that I'm a pretty experienced player (been playing various games for around ten years now), but having practically zero experience running anything, due to stage fright, drawing an instant blank, fear of criticism, etc.

I'd been making arrangements to run my first game, with my husband (who loves me and will probably forgive me if things suck) and my sister (who isn't an experienced player, and won't notice if things suck). And suddenly a friend of mine online became interested in role-playing, and suddenly, I wound up running a game for her over email. She created a rather girly character with a tragic storyline and starcrossed love, which is fine with me. I'm a romantic sap, and I'm finding her SO easy to run for. Especially when I get to talk to my husband about it and he helps me fill out ideas I have for plot twists.

But I can't bounce ideas off of my husband and have him fill in the blanks for a game he's going to be participating in. So, that's why I'm here.

Here's what I have.

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How would you feel (X-Posted)

We are about to start a campaign that involves high level characters that are supposed to have known each other for a while and work together. The DM has asked us to submit character histories for our characters and one of our fellow players has done something I consider to be a big faux pas.

Her character is introduced to the group by capturing them in a trap (physical) and making them beg for their lives, freedom and food.

At the time the rest of the group was powerful enough to defeat the dragon that devastated her town but yet we had to beg for our release from her and she was the same level the other 6 players were.

Never were any of us so much as asked about this history, and taking that kind of tact towards the other players just isn't cool unless it's cool with them....
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Elven Brooch


I'm interested in finding out more detailed info on Shadowrun, for potential playing of and who knows, maybe even GMing. Any advice on where to look would be helpful or info on the game - I realized I'm not even sure what edition it's in!

Thanks! :)
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Totem Spirit



Does anyone know any Unknown Armies games running in the Chicago area, or online? I'd been wanting to join one for a long time. (I'd also be interested in any Demon: The Fallen games running in Chicago, although not online.)

Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this....what would be?
Madd Hatter

How does a group

kill a dragon or really high level monster? I have played a bit of DnD but never encountered one of the HUGE monsters(well, we killed one dragon with the help of an army of elvish archers and paladins).

I guess I would like to hear your stories of slaying Huge monsters or defying extreme odds.
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