October 28th, 2003

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A Newly Founded Land... (X-posted from my own journal)

Well, let's see here, on thursday past, i decided to scrap my sorrowful D20Modern game, and rather than let everything just go to hell, I told everyone to create D&D Characters...

So I'm starting a new DnD game... and here will be a few basics...

Setting: Astranath Custom World (most of my players are already familiar with it...)

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Now, for the six tribes of elves, the island kingdom of humans, and the varied tribes of Orcs... Also to be found are Dwarves and Halflings innumerable.

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So there you have it, a brief look at the history of the world, and the people that reside thereon. I hope this gives you a small sense of the expanse of my campaign world.

[Edit: Forgot to Add Map]

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Maybe I'm missing something here

I generally like being in the Camarilla organization, where we have occasional, mild cross-over action between the various games involved, where my anarch character can occasionally attend a Camarilla game, etc.

But when the Camarilla characters decide that they're doing away with the treaties that keep them from killing anarchs, with the intention of wiping out ALL anarchs (essentially, coming to the anarch game, and destroying it, killing everyone in it), I just fail to understand how that is supposed to be ANY fun at all for the people in the anarch game.

Mild cross-overs I get; they're fun. Wiping out someone else's game seems really kinda shitty to me. I wouldn't participate in doing that to someone else's game. That's their GAME.
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Passing around PCs

X-posted from gms_commune

What do people think about giving "orphaned" PCs (i.e., characters whose players have left a game) to someone else to play? I personally haven't seen much too good come out of it (though I've seen a whole lot of *bad*, I'm afraid), which is why I refuse to do it in my own games.

But I may just have had bad experiences; what do other people think?
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