October 27th, 2003

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Gaming Update ... or not.

Well, it was sort of a silly session, and a very short one.

By the time we all arrived (long story) it was 14h00, not bad considering we normally take seats at 12h00 and start around 12h30. We didn't come close to RPing till some time after 15h00.

Normally this sort of thing drives me insane. Considering that family and work had made us miss two sessions, we hadn't gamed in three weeks, I could be expected to be even more torqued by this inability to sit down and get busy.

I wasn't. I don't "hang out" with my current players, it was great to just sit around on a crappy rainy afternoon, drink coffee and shoot the shit. Sometimes I think I lose sight of the fact that games are social occasions as I concentrate on mood and theme and underlying metaphors and all the "GMing as Art" crap.

So, although few dice were rolled, no momentous encounters occurred, and the storyline moved forward a distance measured in millimeters, this was one of the best sessions we've hap all Fall. Go figure.

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The death of a roleplaying game...

This is posted...somewhat for advice, somewhat for ranting's sake and looking for commiseration.

Some of you may remember some time ago I posted a few times about a really cool campaign in D&D 3rd Edition that I was playing in. It was a great storyline, fun players and character personalities, epic deeds to be done etc. And it was only getting more and more interesting!

Then summer came. And our DM went home for the summer to NJ, the rest of us up in Boston. One player had graduated and moved to NYC, so his character was going to be taken over by a friend of ours.

But just as it all looked hopeful in the fall for starting back up, out of nowhere *another* player quit for some reasons that seriously lacked substance. His character was *very* essential to the plot, and now it looked like we were finished. Two out of our group of four were gone, the DM was wary of replacing half the group with new players, even though the other two of us were really excited to keep going.

The DM has said a few times oh, we'll start in a few weeks, or oh, once this is taken care of, or oh blah blah here's another excuse. I'm just about out of hope for this campaign, which really sucks cause it was so much fun to play in! My other gripe is that our DM *clearly* favors and prioritizes the two 7th Sea games he plays in WAY over our game, and it's frustrating after a while of knowing we're the not the favorite kids so to speak!

Anyone have suggestions for how to get this back in gear, or does it look like there's no hope? Or, have a similar experience to share for the sake of misery loving company? ;-P
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I know this community has a number of DMs and Worldbuilders, so I figure it's a good place to ask for second opinions.

I've run for somewhere near 4 years in a world of my own creation, and have it moderately well fleshed out. one of the parts of my world that has always presented me with difficulties is the pantheon; whatever I've done I was never really satisified with it. I have a D&D campaign starting which has 2 paladins (one plate mail delux, the other a dex monkey wielding a spear), an Exaulted (per the BoED that just came out) Monk, an Exaulted Rogue, and a sorcerer who will be taking cleric levels... suddenly the gods are a smidge more important to my campaign and my lackluster "there are gods" answer isn't going to cut it any longer.
So, I've gone back to the core of what my world, and the pantheon, are supposed to be and started rewriting EVERYTHING. what I've come up with after hours of work is this

as the intro says, I could use some commentary on the whole concept and suggestions from people who might have been through the "what gods are there to worship" path before...