October 26th, 2003

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I know that 3ed D&D changed Alignment rules and took away (for the most part) infractions (though if anyone can find a place where they are listed, please tell me where) but I saw some things in our first game that has lead me to the following questions (that I would appreachated replays to):

Is it overreacting to say that a character that is Chaotic Good and a cleric of Tymora NOT interact very much with a Chaotic Netural Ranger that was witholding information from the group. More over, is it overreacting to say that two elfs (with the maturation rate changed) one a Netural Good Ranger and one a Chaotic Netural Wizard, the previously mentioned Human Cleric and the previously mention Half-Elf ranger probably not have been great friends?

Also do you think when a character is holding back items important to the story (with all intents to sell said item with out the groups in character knowledge) the GM MIGHT want to step in?

Thanks for the help
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Exulted Deeds

So it appears that to counter the Book of Vile Darkness Wizards has released the Book of Eculted Deeds. Now I haven't seen Vile Darkness but my DM friend really wants me to get it for him for his birthday so he can make some really bad enemies for us. I usually use Paladin, Cleric, or Monk so i'm wondering if The Book of Exulted Deeds is worth getting. Thanks