October 24th, 2003


Vanishing players

What's a GM to do about players who show up for one, maybe two sessions, and then just drop off the face of the earth?

I run a tabletop game, and have had a number of people express interest in my game, meet with me, create a character, play for a session or two...and then vanish off the face of the earth.

If people find my game isn't for them, that's *fine*, but I'd appreciate them letting me know that, rather than just *vanishing* and not answering my e-mails or phone calls asking what's up ("Hi, [player name] -- it's [my name], your GM from [my game]. Is everything OK with you?...").

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I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I wasn't sure where I could go with this question. I'm having a hard time finding good text-based rpgs that are still active. Does anyone know of any? I'm mainly looking ones that take place on message boards and ones from the fantasy genre especially, but right now I'll try pretty much anything. I know that no advertising is allowed, so if responding to this message would be considered advertisin, you can post a comment in my journal or email me (wrongimpression85@yahoo.com). Thanks! :)
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Chaosium C'thulu Goodness

For those of you not on the Chaosium mailing list, here's the latest and the greatest news. Most importantly they've dug up some long out of print books and adventures.
Check it out.

Hi Folks,

It is once again time for Chaosium to announce things weird and wonderful for
your pleasure and amusement.

We continue to add books from far-away lands, found at the link below; tomes in
strange tongues as we empty our crypts treasure.

We also add older books as they are found. These books are often very limited in
number, and sometimes only one copy is available. If you click on the link below,
you will be taken to a listing of the most recent additions to our site.

Chaosium is very pleased to announce a few new titles that you will be quite
interested in.

Deep in a corner of the dank pit we call home, underneath a mouldering tarp, a
box was found that yielded a great prize. We found some copies of the widely
acclaimed A GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND. This British sourcebook has not been seen for
quite some time, but is once again offered up for sale.
Get yours while they last, as we do not possess many of them. Click this link to
see this rare volume.

In this same box, we also were lucky enough to spy the even more rare "dual" book
adventure book is two separate works, printed "back to back".

From our friends at the Brichester University press, we offer to our legions
of fans THE BLACK SEAL #2. This Call of Cthulhu fanzine is a very nice complement
to our other offerings, and more information on this periodical can be found by
clicking this link below.

Chaosium has also acquired a richly detailed and very well done sourcebook Call
of Cthulhu fans will find quite impressive. While not written for either Classic
Call of Cthulhu or Call of Cthulhu d20 Edition, this boxed set can be converted to
either with little effort, or simply used as source material. From New Breed in
the UK, the merchants at Chaosium are happy to offer an exciting guide to Africa,
DARK CONTINENT. The wondrous African lands are fully described and detailed in
this pleasing work. Dark Continent contains two Guidebooks, one for player and one
for the Keeper. The box also contains two neat handouts. If you have ever wanted
to explore the Dark Continent through roleplaying, this boxed set is right for
you. Click here to go see DARK CONTINENT.

And last but not least, Chaosium is overjoyed to announce a new, long-awaited
Cthulhu Fiction title. Arthur Machen's second Chaosium title, THE WHITE PEOPLE AND
OTHER TALES, is now here and shipping. The second volume in the Arthur Machen
series, THE WHITE PEOPLE AND OTHER TALES is an amazing companion to THE THREE
IMPOSTORS, first published in 2000.

THE WHITE PEOPLE AND OTHER TALES arrived just this very morning, and the Chaosium
warehouse crew is busy as a Fungi sending them to you!! Click right here to see

In conclusion, we are happy to see lots of new stuff, and we hope you find them
as cool as we do.


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