October 22nd, 2003

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Now that I'm slowly getting back into gaming, I'd like to keep up with gaming news - new games, new trends, new supplements, conventions, etc.
I'm finding it hard to find a website or newsletter that has such news.
Sure, there's RPGNet and Pen and Paper, but they just aren't scratching the itch.

What's your favorite gaming website?
Your favorite gaming yahoo group?
Where do you get your news and reviews from?

Thanks for responding, I'm sure others appreciate it, too.

OOC/IC couples?

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Hi there. I've just joined the community, and have a question...

How do people feel about having the characters played by a RL couple be "involved" in some way IC (not just romantically; I've also seen people do siblings, best friends, and the like)?

My personal view on the subject (perhaps because my husband and I seem to end up doing it more often than not) is that it does no harm, and sometimes is kinda cute. :-) A person on another list that I posed this question to also said it seems to prevent jealousy on the part of one or both partners.

OTOH, a GM I had in a FTF game tried to do everything he could to break up RL couples in the game, even to putting them on opposite sides. And then there was the PBEM GM who kept trying to convince my husband and me of the "wrongness" of the relationship between our two (male) PCs...
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GM communities

Can anyone here recommend some good LJ communities for GMs? I've found gms_commune, but that seems to be pretty quiet....

Any recommendations? I'm mostly into tabletop GMing, but I also GM a game on an online forum. My systems of choice include Changeling, Werewolf, CJ Carella's WitchCraft, Champions, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the Eden Studios version).
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Shadowrun plus Hawksmoor

Getting ready to play shadowrun for the first time
Ive decided to take a concept I wanted to play in other games and use it in this one.

Taking the best parts from Jack Hawksmoor of The Authority
And adding some technology to it.

So far Ive decided that he is a Street Shaman with the Gator Totem. Gator giving me a bonus to summoning some City Spirits I was told.
Picked a nice compliment of spells to go with his background.
I wont bore you with that cuz it sounds like "Geek-Bragging"

So all I need some help with is a nice firearm to carry when shit gets bad.
And Im able to have one cyber enhancment and the GM wont count it against me for lowering my Magic ability, and I need a good suggestion on that.
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Is That So?

Ooo... Excerpt.

Skorched Utopia: Each footfall, each horrible, horrible step reminded Ivan of why Thane would choose such a place. It appeared forlorn, as though the blighted church was once that lonely casket atop of a hill, cross impaled into it's breadth. Long, heavy-booted strides brought him just in front of the delapitated doors, where he paused, regarding. Mist puffed and perfumed from his nostrils and mouth as he realized he was out-of-breath. But he stared beyond such, staring at the doors as though they might do something terribly interesting. A quiet smile creeped across such a chiseled face as he chuckled, shaking his head to and fro. "Beloved Thane." He mewled softly. Suede-rescued fingertips curled around the door's bartering handle and tugged, aching the oaken barrier apart. With one step, he (c)

Skorched Utopia: slid into this place of holy gathering. Suddenly it was a thing of sin.


Is anybody else still RPing like this? *Far and Few*
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off to see the wizard

planning a game based on the baum's oz books i've got a detailed map and description of the land of oz the the outlying areas from my dictionary of imaginary places (a book i recomend you all get). but i've only read the first book, "the wizard of oz". are any of you into these books, what other ones should i read, and does a game like this already exist? how do people get to oz other than tornado or hot air baloon?


Hey, I'm somewhat new to this community still, so thought I'd make an entry saying 'hi' to everyone. ^^;

I'm wanting to know what your general policy is on advertising online RPG's. I happen to co-run one that contains about 100-150 active players to it on another message board based on freeform sparring (interactive combat by literary means of expression), complete with some writers, roleplayers and sparrers of the very highest calibre. Goes by the name of 'Momentum Sparring'. Am I allowed to provide a link, or is that illegal here?