October 20th, 2003


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Gamer Improv:

I'm designing modular pieces for a modern-day occult adventure RPG campaign, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

Have you ever gone to an improv comedy show where they ask for an emotion, a job, and a household appliance? (So Steve will act bored by a refrigerator while he is applying to be an airplane pilot). Remember that this is a modern-day occult adventure game.

Give me:
-A major city (on Earth) (ex. Las Vegas)
-Two generic kinds of places an adventurous person might go in or near that city (ex. casino, desert)
-A man or woman's name (ex. Marietta Luckas-Windsor)
-A major defining personality quirk (ex. can't tolerate minorities)
-Something someone - not necessarily the person with the quirk - does for a living (ex. high-paid prostitute)
-A dark secret a person or group of people might have (ex. must sacrifice a virgin as a tithe to hell every 10 years)

If people respond to this, feel free to reply to their suggestions "Iron Roleplayer" / improv style and make up your own scenario involving all those things. If you want to know what I'm going to do with the suggestions I get, should I get any, e-mail me (I'd rather not post them where my players will see).
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Hiyas, my name's Amasa. I'm really interested in joining some type of online roleplay. I'm used to roleplaying in real life, and I'm sure I can easily translate my style into something appropriate online. I was wondering if anybody could give me any suggestions for good fantasy-type roleplays that aren't ridiculously involved, esp. NON Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings RPs. Please keep in mind, though, I've never been part of an online roleplay, and I have no idea how 'systems' or anything of the like apply. Thanks!
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RPG Knowledgebase

I'm sure that advertising web pages is not allowed, but due to the nature of this web page I thought it might spark some interested.

I've created a Swiki called the RPG Knowledgebase. What is a Swiki? Well, it's essentially an interactive web page that allows you to add your own pages, links, thoughts, information, and so on.

I've created one with RPGs in mind.

What I'm trying to do now is spread word around so we can get a Swiki community going who can build and develop the Knowledgebase into something great. If you're interested, go ahead and visit the link and see what you think.
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