October 16th, 2003

keeping in mind that this is a ROLE-playing game

let's say your DM said you could play anything you wanted to, race and class are unrestricted, ownership of any equipment you desired, access to any kind of resources, what kind of character would you make?

edit: assuming that you will be playing in a generic fantasy-based D&D world, if it makes you feel any better think of it as the usual campaign world you play in

on a personal note I would want to play a kobold samurai who is on a quest from an alternate prime material plane (kobold Rokugan) to recover the soul of his twin brother, he carries a magical katana which can slay "abominations" (basically magical non-humanoid creatures)

Anyone in Columbus OH?

I'm going to be moving there in a couple of weeks (I start a job with AOL up there on Monday) and would love to be able to find some folks to join either a D&D 3rd Ed or Shadowrun campaign.
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Is That So?


Amongst my cannibalism thoughts and drawing block... another idea flashed within my mind.

Muses Anonymous Union.

I can just imagine an entire banner made of chibis of one's muses, characters and inspirations. Lmao. An Ozzy Osbourne chibi.

Anywhore, the point being--anybody wanna go hand in hand with me on this venture? Might make an interesting Livejournal project. I was thinkin' along the lines of a community, but even just an art collaboration, 'cuz I can't draw chibis worth shit...eerrrm, Crap. ^^

Nonethewhore, any thoughts?

~The Notorious Miss Amanda
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Roleplayer RPG

Yesterday my friend and I were joking around about the idea that we were characters in an RPG being played by some people out there somewhere. I was saying my player is kicking himself right now because he didn't put enough points into the Talking to Girls skill for me.

Anyway, does anyone know of an RPG where you play RPGers? It could be good for a laugh. There would be the aforementioned Talking to Girls skill, various trivia skills (Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, blah blah), some stat that determined how much pizza and Moutain Dew you could consume, how long you could play an RPG without passing out, etc.

New campaign

[Note: so far as I know, none of my players read this. Of course, if you are *cough* go elsewhere now Or Else.]

So, I'm starting a new campaign. This is all up for editing and revisal, so if you have any suggestions, please do say.

Also, I should point out that I am doing something somewhat controversial, and sequestering all possible game-rule and metagame information - including die rolls, numeric character info, etc. - from players. They will still be informed, but in a in-game manner (e.g. "You now have a 5" cut along your thigh. It's bleeding profusely and feels extremely painful." vs. "Opponent X swings; take 8 damage") So, for example, players do not know what classes or feats I am using to describe their characters; they know what their background and experiential capabilities are, and are free to train as they wish.

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So... any suggestions for modifying character background, the Incident or the intro scene/adventure, where to go from there (e.g. possible other adventures to go on), things I should consider as possible ways this could turn out, etc?


stuck - sorry for the long post, but it's necessary

I need some simple advise for the D&D game I'm running. I'm going to lay out the basic situation as of now, but it may be confusing. I've created my own campaign setting with 9 countries, economies mapped out, names of ranking officials and major cities mapped out, etc. The Church of Heironeous is the dominating church in the region and it has its own Militant Orders called Church Knights. The Church Knights are ever present in all the kingdoms and have a very high standing in Church and State politics. The Holy Church in a neutral city pretty much sets the standards for the religion of Heironeous in the region. The only other organization with equal power over the countries is the CSBMC, or Conglomerated States of the Bloodmoon Coast. The CSBMC acts as the UN does. They keep the peace and keep records of all the states' leaders, histories, etc.

My party, several sessions back, were voted into office as members of The Wanderers. They're purpose is to actually travel from country to country and gather the information needed for the council of the CSBMC. They owned their own keep, received a yearly budget and had servants. My party spent several sessions building the keep up to their liking, fortifying it, and the likes. Well, currently there is a region-wide war going on. An eastern country and its allie decided to invade the west. Within a year and a half the entire region is engulfed in war. The queen of my party's neighboring country was kidnapped, the Primate has free reign on the royal treasury and is buying votes for the throne of the Archprelacy. Well, The Wanderers (my party) had raised a 1200 man army consisting of calvary, archers and infantry. The country in which their keep resided in came to them asking for help. So, The Wanderers deployed most of their troops, minus 200, to the far-stretches of the kingdom. While their army is gone, a renagade Church Knight attempts to lay siege upon their keep with his army of 600. He bluffed, actually having 6,000 men a week behind him ready to lay siege. Some fighting breaks out, but a negotiation takes place. This renegade knight is a 16th level character (8th lvl fighter/8th lvl paladin) and my party is but 9th level. He could easily defeat them in combat. During negotiations one of my party members dishonorably casts Charm Person. The knight saves with ease and calls off all negotiations. At that time the party goes berzerk on each other. The party begins to fall apart. For sake of mechanics I have one of the good NPCs challenge the knight to a duel. If he lasts for a certain amount of time without being killed, everyone may surrender the keep and no servants will be harmed. Otherwise, the siege procedes and everyone will be slaughtered if the keep is overrun. The party agree to let the NPCs duel. Good guy dies, but after the time limit. The party is forced to surrender their keep. There was a rat in the nest. The man that was their political advisor has been an informant for the Primate and they have only little suspicions of this. The advisor wants onto the council of the CSBMC just as the Primate wants the Archprelacy. They help eachother out. So, the advisor lets the Primate know that the major force of the keep has been deployed, and the Primate sends someone to intercept.

Here's the problem. The party was a bit upset because they felt completely out of control. They felt that no matter what they did, the keep was destined to be lost and it was a falacy in my DMing style. I told them I did it for the sake of plot and mechanics. They were disappointed anyhow. I felt bad, but it really is for the sake of both story and mechanics. Now the party wants to go save the Queen, because if the Queen is put back in office, that will ruin the Primate's plans, which will in turn cause the entire plot to crumble around itself. I need to prevent the party from either intercepting the Queen or finding something else to grab their interest related to the current situation. This is where I need help. I can't allow the party to get the same feeling they got from last session - hopelessness. I've got to keep them away from saving the Queen just yet.

Any ideas? Did I supply enough information?
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World Of Darkness Charsheet

I was wondering, I'm starting up an online World of Darkness game, messageboard based. I remember seeing a long time ago, someone had created a charsheet based on forms, I was wondering if anyone had seen anything similar or knew how to set it up, I want to explore that possibility instead of having to routinely post and design each sheet on the messageboard, and continually update it, also it was nicely done in that it had good pictures and clear visualization representing the official sheets.

Does anyone remember this? I know the site used to be wod-online, but that seems to have since disappeared. Thanks in advance.
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