October 15th, 2003

A Message from one of the moderators

I just deleted a post by
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I just deleted a post by <LJ-USER = everclear> advertising a Harry Potter RPG. I deleted it because the exact same advertisement was posted a week earlier. I've asked this before but it's generally to the people posting rather than a specific thing: please don't spam the community with ads for your RPG.

That said, I recognize that people might not scroll back in the community to see the ad for your RPG. So rather than have people post their ads (only to have them scroll off in a few days) what I think would be better would be to post a single advertisement post and make it a "memory" of the community. People who want to advertise RPGs can then just go under this post (there will be a link in the userinfo page) and post their ads there. Those looking to play in RPGs can likewise reference it.

Thoughts? Suggestions?



Thanks to wolfsamurai for pointing the rpg_promo community to me. I didn't even know this thing existed! That being the case, from here on out please don't advertise RPGs in this community. If you want to advertise your RPG, then rpg_promo is the right place to do it. Likewise, if you're looking for a game, head over to that community. From here on in I'm going to delete all advertisements. They just clutter the community.

OK, enough moderator BS. One thing I've found lately is an interest in "indie" RPGs - I first discovered this little phenomenon at The Forge (www.indierpgs.com). Since then I've picked up several new games I might not have otherwise, including:

-- Obsidian: A game about the end of the world. The Forces of hell have taken over Earth and humanity makes a last stand in a great citadel/city called The Zone
-- The Riddle of Steel: Fantasy RPG that blends super-realistic combat with a great SA system. IMO the be-all and end-all of fantasy RPG.
-- Sorcerer: Ron Edwards game of demon summoning. Simple system that leads to some really complex stories.

Now, I haven't only purchased these game books. I've purchased supplements for them - I've spent quite a bit of money. And I've never played in a single game of any of them.

*This* got me thinking of all the games I own that I've never really played. Stuff like Ars Magicka, Deadlands, Call of Cthulhu...

What this is is a round-about way of asking you guys: What games do you own that you've never played?