October 13th, 2003

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Please join. buffyrpgawards

Buffy Role Playing Awards.

Here's how its going to run.

Members will have a week to nominate rpers, rps etc ... that will be up for vote. Once the week is up Members will vote on the rper, rp etc ... Then once the votes are in (which will also be a week long vote) the winner will be made a banner to place in their LJ info.

Awards to be given out include but are not limited to:
Seasons 1-7 best rp for season
Best Original Character
Best Buffy, Xander, Willow, etc ...
etc ... Idea's will be accepted, but no one but the moderator can post an award poll.

So come on, Join!
me with gloves

Roleplaying Communities!

wayside is a pirate fantasy game, set in a world called Marden where a monotheistic empire is spreading across the world like a plague, trying to conquer and repress the polytheists (many of whom are demi-humans). The Wayside Wanderer is a ship with a crew that has turned to piracy against the empire. They're all outlaws, but they've each got their own reasons. The game has been going strong, and the ship is about to put in to port, so it's the perfect time for new players to join. The OOC community is charloft . Both are open membership, so join up, and make a post with your character concept to Charloft. Most reasonable characters accepted! Occasional live sessions on IRC add to game play, but aren't mandatory, so don't worry if you can't make those.

1930's Pulp Fiction
Vampiric gangsters (Fangsters) called the Sanguinia are taking over Chicago. Cultists seek to bring about the rise of the Elder Gods. The year is 1930, and the Knight and Dei detective agency is on the case! fangsters hasn't started yet, but is based on an earlier campaign of mine, so there is a wealth of information available and some characters from the original game are carrying over. The setting is like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series in that there are Slayers, Watchers, and Witches, demons and vampires... but the characters and time period are all original material. The OOC community for this is also charloft Both are open membership, so join and give your character concept in the OOC comm. Occasional live sessions on IRC add to game play, but aren't mandatory, so don't worry if you can't make those.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

sunnydaleosi is a rather large community that features an alternate universe in which the OSI (Office of Subterranean Information) is a US military organization that combines the powers of the Watchers Council and the Initiative. We started with our own 'season one', when Buffy came to Sunnydale, and have been going from that point. Some canon roles are still available (particularly Angelverse characters and a few minor Buffy roles), and original characters are very welcome. We feature a comprehensive website and downloadable handbook. Please read the rules and understand that this is an alternate universe that does not follow canon before requesting to join this community. This is a no slash community. Features include a weekly live chat on IRC, Sunday Seven questions for character development, and many interesting plots. The OOC community is osiooc Both are closed communities, so you must contact me by mail at Angelauric@yahoo.com or by AIM at Lab Arc Designs to request membership.

sacrificial is using the Buffy the Vampire Slayer rules system by Eden Studios. This community takes place in an alternate season six in which Buffy does not return from the dead. Instead, when the ritual is cast, her Slayer power is passed on to Dawn and her memories become part of the Buffybot, giving the robot a human-ish life. The community is very original character friendly. Also, many canon roles are still available - Oz and Warren, for example. The OOC community for this game is book_nook. Both are open membership so you may join and request a character from the OOC community. Please be advised that this is a no slash, rules based community. A character sheet will be required. Don't know the system but want to play anyhow? It's okay, the mods will help you create your character (or provide a character sheet if you're playing a canon character), and it's very user-friendly.

Legend of the Green Leupak
leup is the community for the fabulous Legend of the Green Leupak game! This multiplayer browser based game is vastly addictive, and completely free. The team at Lab Arc Designs is constantly programming new and exciting features into this game- the community keeps you updated on those changes. Open membership, so go ahead and join. You can also find the link to the game itself from there. Open Membership
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