October 8th, 2003


Character Generator Update

C'mon, try it. You know you want to.

Multiple attacks!
Hall of Fame!
Spooky white letters on black background!
More weird shit!


Male Lawful/Clumsy Gorgon Surfer lvl 10, wielding a +20 Plaid Greatsword of Very Painful Doom and a +20 Gigantic Cannon of Icy Pain, accompanied by a Nuclear Feral Toad

Male Lawful/Rude Half-Gnome Fighter lvl 7/Bishop lvl 3, wielding a +0 Stone Staff of Icy Pants Wetting

Male Chaotic/Nervous Fiendish Half-Orc Ranger lvl 6/Druid lvl 1, wielding a +18 Animated Lawnmower of Super Duper Neck Twisting and a +6 Strangely Glowing Scythe of Swift Mutilation
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