October 7th, 2003

Smokee Bounce-In

White Wolf Books for Sale

Hardcover - $10 (includes shipping)
Softcover - $5 (includes shipping)
Contact: eternallynumb@livejournal.com (Email me for details of purchase)
Condition of Books: All books are in near mint condition, two of the softcover books have minor bending of the covers. Kindred of the East Book has a scrawled message on one of the flyleaves from the person who purchased the book for me.
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Halloween Horror Nights 13

I don't know how much relevance this has to role playing, but seeing as Halloween is my favorite holiday and it is just around the corner I thought I would write about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios all this month.

I got tickets to go to it Friday night. I am uber excited. Have any of you been to one or something like it that you can give me a little forwarning about? *wimp aura*. Or...are any of you going this year?
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New and Improved (er...) Complete(ly) Silly Character Generator


Now with favored attack! Now you, yes you, can be a...

Reluctant Good Winged Half-Centaur, Half-Elf Cleric/Paladin's Mount/Dominatrix, wielding a +16 Singing and Dancing Dagger of Massive Destruction!

Chaotic Ambitious Elder Monstrous Invisible Gnome Beggar, wielding a +19 Cold Iron Lance of Divine Brain-Bashing!

Annoying Good Gargoyle Rogue/Monk, wielding a +8 Thermonuclear Shortspear of Divine Immolation!

Enthusiastic Good Half-Dwarf Traitor, wielding a +20 Crushing Crossbow of Spiky Brain-Bashing!
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