October 4th, 2003

  • saizai

Palm software poll (xpost w/ dungeon_masters)

Well, not a cool automated one, but still.

I have for some time had a project to make a Palm program for (non-computer-) RPG players. It is slightly stalled on legal issues for D&D, but I recently realized that it may not be for other systems, and that "the market" (read: "you") might not care about those parts that are thorny anyway.

Essentially, I'd like to know whether you would be interested in such a program... and whether you'd be willing to pay for it. (E.g. shareware or demo/commercial model.)

The usual reponse is "[if I have a palm] yes, if it's Good Enough".

So the question is, what would constitute 'Good Enough'?

There are many features I could put into this. Some are more complicated to code than others (and thus would take more time), and some have more legal issues than others.

I'd appreciate comments saying what you would consider essential for a paid program, what would be optional but make you more likely to want it, and what you'd consider a fair price range. (I know some of us are dead broke, but a) $5 buys me lunch, and b) RPG books are [IMHO] a fair price comparison.)