September 29th, 2003


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Which Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi Character are you? by airame
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The State of the Gaming Address

I've always wanted to say something like that. ;)
I've got a general question to everyone who plays, thinks of playing, gms, thinks of gming, or who simply just reads this and doesn't game at all.

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Just to recap things about my group has been posted many times before, our group is a piece of work, some of us utterly hate other players and have driven out two, with a possible third being driven out shortly, that third said gamer only pays attention to D+D and doesn't bathe, the long trip and the we can only really game and have to game on saturday are burning out more then a few of us.
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Did anyone here ever role play D&D online via AOL, particularly the Dragonlance campaign?

update: I'm not asking this question to initiate conversation about players personal preferences for game settings. Nor should anyone presume my question to be an indication of my own preferences. It's just a simple question.
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