September 28th, 2003


isn't gaming great?

--- One of my players has a gay character, he writes:
> In the real 14th century, you could be burned at the
> stake for being gay. Since Faerûn is not Earth,
> what is the general attitude toward being gay?
> Would it be acceptable in a large city like
> Waterdeep? Even so, my character wouldn’t go about
> advertising it, but remain secretive if need be.
> Mordecai wouldn’t reveal a secret like that to
> Tenebrynn unless he was sure it would be alright.
> If the resources are available at the Sleeping
> Chimera, he will spend that 3 GP (for a gay prostitute) or maybe even more.
> Otherwise, he’ll just get some shuteye.
> I’m not trying to be difficult and I’m not going to
> force the issue. I just don’t want WOTC determining or
> assuming my character's orientation.

Because it's MY campaign world, I'm going to say that it's tolerated but it's something that you could be ridiculed for (on the same level as being a half-breed)
The "good" religions probably preach tolerance, acceptance and understanding in their own way and the "evil" religions probably just assume that sexual orientation comes in all varieties.
The Shar church is probably VERY accepting of gays and lesbians, as is the Selune church. The basic history of how magic was created (from Magic of Faerun) states that "Selune tore the divine essence of magic from her body and hurled it at Shar" ... "the energy formed Mystryl, the deity of magic."
The way I see the mythology working, Selune "fathered" Mystryl through her sister, Shar. The implied lesbianism and incest probably means that in both churchs sexual preference, as well as incest, is accepted as part of life rather than condemned. I could easily say that one church condemns homosexuality and supports incest and vice versa, but this is my world. I want Selune and Shar to be mirror images with not much differentiating them.