September 27th, 2003

MIP Sith
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DnD Miniatures

I got a starter pack today...this is what I got:

Cleric of Yondalla
Goblin Sneak
Evoker's Apprentice
Human Bandit
Kobold Warrior
Lidda, Halfling Rogue
Orc Warrior
Half-Orc Fighter
Nebin, Gnome Illusionist
Displacer Beast
Wolf Skeleton
Half-Orc Monk
Crested Felldrake

While I am probably not going to play the miniatures game (ie: Chainmail revised in my eyes...I didn't even play Chainmail), but I'll still buy the minis for use in my regular DnD (3.5) weekly game.

Heck...the Displacer Beast will come in handy this week (heeheehee).
The manager of the store I bought it from (Bookery, Fairborn Ohio) tried to kiddingly snatch the Displacer Beast from me...LOL.

I like what they did with the starter packs.

In there...there are some 5" x 8" colored cardboard battle grids to use...which I wonder if they are ok to photocopy for personal use (the reason being is to put multiple ones together to use for regular DnD).

It also came with a rather large battle grid for use(SWEET!!!!...1" squares).