September 23rd, 2003

neverwinter nights

My neverwinter nights cd cracked, so I buy shadows of undrentide thinking, I'll upgrade and use that disk to play NWN.
I need the play disk to install the shadows and I'm in need of help here. I don't want to wait 4-6 weeks for atari to replace my play cd. I have a legitimate copy of NWN and am just looking for a play disk. Can someone point me to the right place, know how to turn off the "please insert play cd" or send me the cd image?
I'm going to make backup copies from now on.
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September 23, 2003 (SEATTLE, WA) Due to the recent addition of the "quality standards" provisions in the D20 System License, Valar Project, Inc.'s D20 license has been revoked for use with Book of Erotic Fantasy, effective immediately. The company announces today that the Book of Erotic Fantasy will no longer be published as a D20 product, instead Valar Project, Inc. will be applying the Open Gaming License (OGL) to the game.

"We strongly believe in the quality and integrity of the Book of Erotic Fantasy," says Valar Project, CEO Anthony Valterra. "Switching the product to OGL allows us the creative freedom to publish an adult product, without changing any of the game mechanics, that adds value and depth to your fantasy roleplaying game."

Book of Erotic Fantasy provides rules for issues of sex, seduction, love, marriage, conception, as well as other relationship issues, compatible with the world's best-selling fantasy roleplaying game. The Book of Erotic Fantasy will also feature an exclusive Phil & Dixie cartoon. Originally scheduled for an October release, the necessary changes to make the product an OGL complaint product will move the Book of Erotic Fantasy's release to November 2003 (MSRP $34.95).

Further, Valar Project, Inc. is obligated to request that all distributors and retailers in possession of the 32-page Gen Con exclusive Book of Erotic Fantasy preview immediately remove them from distribution. Distributors and retailers should either destroy the products and certify destruction to Valar Project, or return them to Valar Project for destruction. Valar Project will be contacting and working with distributors and retailers to ensure destruction of the previews.

Visit Valar Project, Inc. on the web at For more information and media requests, please contact Jenny Bendel at

Valar Project, Inc. is a privately held corporation formed by passionate gaming enthusiasts looking to fill the void of adult content in the gaming community. Recognizing the diversity of its consumers in belief, gender, race, orientation and preferences, Valar Project, Inc. will strive to create games of the highest caliber that entertain, stimulate and challenge, adding value to your campaign while holding true the promise of your gaming past time."
sex laws


I know there's a lot of con/ren fair/cosplay/larp people on here, so someone must know something about this:

I want to paint myself up like a tiger for the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, and go around the fair doing Kung Fu with my Rope Dart, only instead of a sharp piece of metal, I want to have a leather mousey on the end of my rope.

Does anyone know what kind of body paint is durable enough to roll around on the ground and do varoious other martial-artsy stuff, and save to cover half my body (including my face) in?
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Collective World Building 2 - the mysterious foreign nation

Huy guys. A while back I put up a post here asking for help detailing the steampunkish/fantasy world I'm building for an upcoming campaign.

Now I've hit a bit of a wall on one part of the world, and I figure I'd ask for ideas once again.

There's a nation on the world that's fairly large and powerful, sits on a different continent from the main one the PCs are on, and is largely xenophobic and exotic. My original idea was something like China in the 1900s, someone large and distrustful of outsiders who has a strange and different culture. I want a nation that could put up a fight with the big guns of the rest of the world if push came to shove, but is far enough away that they aren't a direct enemy. I also don't particularly want them to be recognizably Asian. I want a country that's like China, but not.

This is where I'm hitting a few brick walls on the old idea train.

Details on the country of Nimlinel follow, if you have any suggestions or ideas for culture, society, government, weapons, etc I'd love to hear them.

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Gracias in advance.