September 22nd, 2003

Ballcap Angelsboi

Plot Idea - Would This Work?

This is talking about Big Eyes, Small Mouth for anime games ...</i>

Im thinking of running an online message board game using Cute & Furry Cockfighting Seizure Monsters and came up with an idea that the PCs were visiting an amusement park and got sucked into another world.

A gothic world of darkness, monsters, magic and such.

They will find out that every 666 years, a portal between this world (no name yet - ideas?) and there world opens for 13 seconds. The only way to return home is through the Providence Conduit which is locked.

In order to unlock it, they must collect the 13 Zodiac Coins. Each of these coins are the main prize in tournaments and competitions.


The PCs will be forced to pick a favorite type of animal (they will resemble that animal in the other world). The monsters they collect will be in coins (not red and white orbs).

I need some ideas on the main city, the world, various gyms and dojos.

Would this even work???
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