September 18th, 2003

Steve latest

Stress reliever...........

If I see one more whiny ass example of how or why Jedi classes in Star Wars D20 are too powerful and need to be taken down because of " GAME BALANCE" on the WOTC Message Board, I think I am going to scream.

Does anyone else agree with this? Is it just me?

Whiny rant number 1) Jedi Classes are more powerful than the other classes.

You bet your ass they are. They should be. Look at the any of the movies, books, comics, etc. Jedi Kick ass over most other people because they are NOT normal people. I do feel that the Guardian got cheesed on Skills but a good intelligence will usually compensate for that most of the time.

Whiny rant number 2) Lightsabers do too much damage.

Once again, you bet your ass they do lots of damage. Again look at the examples. Lightsabers are supposed to be able to cut through ALMOST anything GIVEN enough time. Since it is the only weapon that Jedi use (mostly), then I have no problem with this.

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