September 17th, 2003

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Bored in the Gourde..

Hi. I just joined this comminuty. I've been role playing for quite a while, but only just recently (read: 10 months or so) started playing 3e D&D. Since then I've been fascinated with it, bought the PHB, then went to GenCon and bought the 3.5 PHB too. Unfortunately, my favorite game fizzled out. It was running ona message board, and time constraints zapped the GM. Very sad. Now I find myself increasingly bored. I want to join a good game, but I really don't get around much, on IRC. IRC is my medium of choice, most of the time. I have been told my method of searching was the reason I hadn't found anything interesting yet. So, I figured, hey, maybe I'll hear about something here.

I'm also in a World of Darkness game, which is just starting back up after some down time. Unfortunately I managed to miss the first run after the break. Why me? Actually my character is a mage. Its going to be interesting to see what happens. I also enjoy things like, anime. One thing I noticed at GenCon, aside from Sci Fi being the stereotypical interest of alot of Role Players, anime is now just as big. I didn't complain, I spent all my money at the CPM and ADV booths. Where else can you get a Slayers shopping bag?
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Ballcap Angelsboi


Format: Message Board
Genre: Horror
Name: A Nightmare On Elm Street: Generations
Contact: Ryan (Nightmare in Subject)
Website: The Message Board
Minimum Age Requirement: 16+ Please
Specific Requirements: If you wish to help DM, please have Yahoo IM (angelsboi21) or AIM (RzrHalo). Also, please have some knowledge of the Elm Street Saga.
Deadline: Always Taking Applications
Game Description:
August 2003: A mysterious masked man appears in Springwood and begins to slaughter anyone that stands in his way. A van is seen leaving the town late towards the end of the killing spree. It returns hours later, with two young teenagers claiming that someone named 'Freddy' had came back, but they had taken care of him. Of course, no one believes them ...

October is here and Springwood gets ready for Halloween and yet its hard to put the past couple months behind. Some of the teens have started to experience bad dreams, nothing overly frightening, just disturbing.

Is Springwood ready for whats coming its way?
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(no subject)

Im tired of hearing everyone bitch about the White-Wolf lawsuit, so I figured I'd share something I was made aware of earlier today.

Here's a new matter of controversy...

The evil empire is at it again!

No official press release has been made so I can't very well link it to you but it seems that Wizards of the Coast, under the Iron Hand of Hasbro, has decided that they the OGL isnt quite as open anymore. They now have the right to review any d20 product and based on their sole discretion decide whether or not it is suitable for publication. They reserve the right to mandate that production, publication and distribution be ceased immediately, as well as all copies of the game in distrubtion be immediately recalled for destruction.

Oh yes. And they made it retroactive.

Now pardon me if Im a little too cynical, but I see this as a tool for WotC to develope an unfair market advantage. The 3.5 edition of DnD was instituted because Hasbro told WotC to develope a market strategy for Dungeons and Dragons along the lines of Magic: the Gathering.

The d20 system, commonly referred to as the Windows of Roleplaying, has been made available for any and all interested third parties to utilize. It has been noted that several companies have made for themselves an established niche using the d20 system.

Admittedly, a vast majority of whats put into print using the OGL is pure and utter garbage, but most of these companies find themselves bankrupted within two years anyways. They do little to hurt the sales of Dungeons and Dragons.

I also hasten to point out that only three Gaming companies turned over a profit last year.

For those of you who were at Gencon, a paperback booklet entitled 'The Player's Guide to d20 Erotica' was very lightly circulated. I believe only 2000 copies were present.

The action on the part of Wizards of the Coast was in response to this booklet, which I felt knocked the already tenuous respect Roleplayers are given down a notch (lets face it, at least we have better hygene than those damn cardfloppers). It is well within their right to do, as well.

But damnation, I dont think its possible for me to lose any more respect for WotC.

Disregard this as rumour if you see fit. I'll post links as soon as there are any to post.
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Role-playing is an Art

I've been thinking about the creative nature of role-playing, and how closely it's tied to other forms of art, namely writing and acting. Still, writers and actors out there might get a little miffed at this suggestion.

"It's a game, not an art!"

This statement holds water. There are a lot of people who play roleplaying games that are basically playing a tabletop version of Diablo. Don't think I'm criticizing that style of play, though. In the end, all styles of roleplaying are about fun, and that's all that matters. I pick on twinks and munchkins as much as the next guy, but in the end, it's just different strokes for different folks.

However, those are not the kind of games I'm talking about, and pointing at those games and yelling, "See?! See?! Not art!" is no different then pointing at N'Sync, and screaming "See? No musicians write their own songs!" ;)

Anyone who has spent hours writing a character history, or has practiced your LARP character's facial expressions in a mirror knows what I'm talking about. We invest a lot of energy and time into these fictional creations - as much as most writers and actors invest in their characters, I'd say, if not more.

Still, I bet most of us would be hesitant to say, "My character is a work of art." I think you should.

We live in an age of post-modern art, music, writing, films, architecture, etc. Art that claims to be more concerned with the process then the end product. Yet if this is true, why can I go to an art gallery and look at post-modern paintings? Why can I go rent a post-modern film?

Nothing out there is more post-modern than role-playing.

We spend time thinking about our characters, developing them, fleshing out our stories and our worlds, and in the end all we have is the four hours of enjoyment we get every week when we get together with our friends and spin our tales. Then, when the campaign's over, there's nothing left but the stories that bewilder and bore everyone who wasn't involved in the first place.

How many painters have spent hours on a painting, and then set it on fire? How many writers have written a story for themselves and no one else, and then thrown it away?

So the next time you're talking to someone about gaming, go ahead and refer to as "your art." ;)
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me with gloves

Finding players question...

We have a text based multi-player type RPG thingus that we've been programming- here's the advert I've been putting up about it:

Collapse )

My question is... since you're roleplayers... would that attract you to want to play the game? If not, is there something else I should be including, or something I should be wording differently? Also, where does one advertise such a thing? Been advertising around LJ, but I'd like to find some on the web type places. Anyone know of some?


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