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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
10:11a - Where's the game room? Follow your nose.
When I go to the local game shop on one of the nights when people are gaming there, the stench hits me the minute I walk through the doorway. Hasn't that been addressed at enough conventions? Should we be giving away free soap in the shape of a d20? It certainly wouldn't sell. Should we have seminars on cleanliness? Free deodorant promotions?

Obviously not all roleplayers are stinky, but it has become an embarrassing stereotype.


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Hi. I maintain a celebrity RPG game over at: after_celebrity and well, we've had a decline in GOOD rpg'ers as of late. We are turning young kids away, but wanting more mature and active rp'ers to join. Our community is not only journal based, but is very reliant on AIM conversing. The problems we've faced are the younger kids, if not instantly popular, die out and can't use asterick's to save their lives to symbolize "actions."

Anyhow, Thats my ramble. Thought I'd join this community and share my feelings, and if anyone can give advice... I'd love to hear it.

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10:33p - In Lieu of the Subject of the lawsuit...,
I found this so fliping funny ^.^



Oh and yes, many many thanks for the post about what White Wolf had to say about the lawsuit. :) Much clarification there.


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