September 14th, 2003


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two "mundane" animals, one "magical" creature, and an avatar, I created all of them for Elliger

Trell (my notes included the word "pig-cow")
a herd animal, the trell are domesticated in the twin villages and roaming wild near Vokura. They stand between 4 and 5 feet high and are usually 6 to 8 feet long. It's huge belly hangs low to the ground and it's fur is usually a dark brown or black, amongst humans Trell born with blonde hair are considered bad omens. It's sloped head sports a large snout and flat ears. The Trell supplies meat and milk, as well as fur and skin, to the twin villages.
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Hoarg (my notes included the word "horse-dog")
A herd animal completely domesticated by the twin villages and Vokura, this quadruped has a long sloped body much like a dog but is tall and strong like a horse. A hoarg's hide is usually gray or brown.
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This beast has glowing green eyes, a long muscular tail sinewing through the air like a snake, ending in a barb, and six muscular legs padding from its long feline body. Its fur is a translucent bluish color where it doesn't blend in with the beast's surroundings.
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the Spiderguard
I didn't write any notes to reflect this character's origin or background, he's meant to be a virtually mindless guardian for a portal that leads to the astral plane
Lawful-Evil 15th-level Human
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I just found this community. I've been roleplaying various systems for years, though now I'm more of a closet 3E player than anything. I'm stationed in eastern current group has practically disbanded, so now I'm in desperate need of a good tabletop session.

Until I can find one, I'll just lurk around here.
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About Me, and a rare find resurfaces.

Hola Gamers

I'm new to this community, and I wanted to say hi.
I've been gaming for about 7 years or so. From White Wolf, Palladium, Dark Carnival Games, to the classic TSR/WOTC games.
My current fix is running a Heroes Unlimited game in the style of 1940's super heroes. Good stuff indeed.

Also on a side note I found 5 unopenend packs of my old original limited series ADnD 2E collectors cards from 1992. I threw them up for sale on eBay *stinkin' internet auctions* and put a link to it HERE in case anyone is interested.

Look forward to geekin' out on this community :)
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