September 12th, 2003



planning a quick one shot game for tomorrow. college kids get trapped in a haunted house. i'm premaking characters so we can get started fast. thee male players and two female players, so i figure i'll make four male characters and three female characters. this is d20 modern. any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome.

this is what i'm thinking:
the jock (male)
the stoner (male)
the nerd (male)
the frat boy (male)

the slut (female)
the good girl (female)
the rich bitch (female)

*disclaimer - i realize this looks sexist but its based on b-horror flicks which are generally anythign but politically correct. anyway.

Calling all Changeling Players!

Lately I've been finding it hard to find a good online Changeling game - really, really hard. Considering that I absolutely love Changeling and want to play in a *real* Changeling campaign, this has been driving me crazy. So, my question is this: Are there any other Changeling players or Storytellers that could organize a game ran on either IRC or OpenRPG? Or any chronicles looking for players? I suck at actually running chronicles, which is why I'm not volunteering to be a Storyteller, heh. :)
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Avatar MUD

I've been roleplaying for about 6 years now, and if any of you are into online MUD's, the hand's down best one I have come across is Avatar. You can check it out at There are also a ton of other player sites that go along with it including a gear search engine.

It is in a MERC code base and is really newbie friendly if any of you haven't tried MUD's but want to try one. Look for my characters Desteny or Unsterblich...I'm always willing ot help out if you have any questions. :)
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