September 7th, 2003


A bit of Info from what I understand...,

I got me a copy of the complaint and its a lawsuit for a calss action civil suit. IE. The first step before actually going to court as we all know it.

From what it reads this law suit isn't a full blown out lawsuit.., yet.
This is what is called a Class Action Civil Lawsuit.

The Walmart I used to work for had been through one a few months ago ( and I'm STILL not allowed to talk about why :P ), and I was a witness. So the lawyers expained to me what it is about.

Hopefully I can rememebr everything. >.<

What a class action suit is, simply, is to show the courts that they have enough evidence to support a full lawsuit.

This is why so many of the points ( stupidily IMO, but that's just my opinion after all ), seem.., well stupid.

They HAVE to digg. Even if half or more of the points are thrown out, they still have to have them. Like a movie going for an NC-17 rating, sometimes they put fluff in there that is extremly nasty just so that they can keep the parts that they NEED in the movie.

It kinda works the same way, as an analogy.

They may or may not push the suit through, depending on what White Wolf plans. Usually cases like this woul dbe put to the side for a year or more just so both sides get a chance to come up with evidence both for and against, in all fairness. Though some people can push it through the court system, business do this often.

From the things I have read, they may be 'smarter' to hold off on the case until after the movie is published, and mechandise sold.., this way they get MORE money. They may push it through and force the issues, so to speak, in order to grab it and go with it.

Another issue that has peeked my instrest is a frined of mine said to check the excutive creidts on movies like Blade and Wes Craven's: Vampires..., see if White Wolf is mentioned. He pointed this out to me, and it has me wondering. hmmn..., /did/ they get persmission? I don't know off hand as I don't have copies of those moive.

So this is just the first step. the next is to setup a court date, pick a Jury ( as they have noted that a Jury is /required/ in the upper right hand corner of the dociment ), and set their representitves in court for the proceedings.

This part I know well as a non-choosen Juror ( I ahd to serve for my county :P $5/day ain't much :P ), as well as suits that my dad had to go trhough to get his disablity and compensation from work. :P


We all shall see yet. ^.^

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First session of the new gaming year.

Because I'm away with the Army doing stuff every summer, my gaming season corresponds with the school year. Today we had our first session of the '03/'04 gaming year.

The flavour of the day was The Riddle of Steel ( ), a very gritty (ie, combat = lethal) fantasy system that I'm using to run a "historic fantasy" game set in Outremer, the Holy Lands. Today was chargen and a practice combat to work out the kinks in the mechanics. It was okay, although I admit greater familiarity with the rules would have chopped about a half-hour off the session time.

The three characters are an interesting lot, with a very "church" flavour.

Karly is playing a (Saxon) Knight of a Militant Order, whose Spiritual Attributes mark her as a pious defender of the innocent.

Bill is playing a Monk & Master Vinter. I expect the Sacremental Wine may be a delicate but complex Reisling, characterized by a spicy, fruity flavor (that's sometimes reminiscent of peaches and apricots), a flower-scented bouquet, and a long finish. I think he'll be a Militant Brother in the same Order Karly's character belongs to, although I don't think they're going to start off aware of each other. A touch more fanatic than the knight, I think he'll be the source of several story hooks.

Dylan's character finishes off our troika. A jaded Feudal Sergeant with a bad reputation and a nose for trouble, a skilled swordsman with a growing talent with the cross-bow, he's seen the worst the Holy Land has to offer. He doesn't fit well with the group, yet not at all being a loner I think it will be a source of much in-game friction.

The players have shown that game-wise they have the depth of keel to handle some very heavy stuff. So I'm going to throw it at them.

First "RPing" session: My plan is to role-play through five days backwards. Set the scene, run a day, andf then afterwards fade back to the day before. I've used the same devise in a modern "Action!" setting, I think it'll work well.

Time to get writing!

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