September 6th, 2003

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The (slightly) smoking gun

For those interested in more on the lawsuit White Wolf and Nancy Collins filed against Sony over "Underworld"'s alleged copyright violations, check out spookyfruit's journal. He's downloaded the actual complaint and is hosting a pdf version so people can read it for themselves.

Some of White Wolf's "over 60 points of similarity" are interesting (White Wolf's developing a video game called "Vampire: Bloodlines," based on the Half-Life engine, "Underworld" has an upcoming video-game spin-off called "Underworld: Bloodlines," based on the Half-Life engine), some seem a little weak (the White Wolf mythos includes a female assassin character who pisses off her sire, "Underworld" includes a female assassin character who pisses off her sire), and some are just weird. (In White Wolf mythology, wooden stakes don't kill vampires. In "Underworld," wooden stakes don't kill vampires. Theft! Theft!)

Also, the complaint details what White Wolf and Collins want from the deal: Three times the profits from "Underworld" and sales of any related materials, an injunction against the movie and video-game releases, control of all copies of both to pass to White Wolf, plus incidental damages. Yow.

Personally, I still want to see the movie, and I won't really feel capable of judging the suit's merits for myself unless I do. But I'm actually wondering whether this is less about the movie than about quashing the "Underworld" video game, which, with a similar name and a more high-profile, mainstream tie-in, could seriously cut into White Wolf's sales.
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white wolf

Just a few points about the White Wolf lawsuit against Sony.
Sony cannot buy White Wolf. White Wolf is privately owned.
White Wolf will not ending Sony lots of money. If the case is without merit it will be dismissed long before in front of a judge.
Venturing a guess, White Wolf _must_ protect its intellectual property. I'm not saying that the case has merit, I don't know. But White Wolf must take a stand to do this. Because the next movie/book might be a little closer to the intellectual property that is White Wolf.