September 5th, 2003

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- hope its ok to post all this-

Last Call before we get started with these rps. I'm ansy to start asap, and I know my co-mod Shay is too. I wanna start with more characters but hey. Also, I know i've sort of talked to a spike for sunny_hell and a willow for after_sunnydale but i'm an idiot and can't find those peeps. So forgive me and if you don't mind responding again I'd love ya! Or Im me at peering into you or even e-mail

Ok so here we go.
A post season 7 Buffy, post season 4 Angel. The only pre-determined thing is shipping Buffy/Angel, and the scooby gang will be living in the hyperion and helping out Angel Inc/wolfram & Hart.

The scooby gang heads to LA to help clean up the mess from Jasmine's reign. The LA gang, with the resources of Wolfram & Hart at their feet have to deal with Angel's past.

Here's who we have:
Buffy, Faith, Spike, Angel, Xander, Fred, Giles & 4 originals.

We need:
Gunn, Willow, Dawn, Vi (Slayer), Kennedy (slayer-talked to one i think get back to me), Lorne, Rona (slayer), anyone who survived sunnydale, originals are accepted (inculding slayers, vamps, demons etc)

A pre-season 1 rp, set in Sunnydale when Buffy comes. Faith will be around, as will her twin sister :), Taking some cannon stuff, some not, just about anything goes. Pre-determined ship is Buffy/Xander.

Here's who we have:
Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Veruca, Spike, Giles, Cordelia, Angel & 4 originals.

Who need:
Harmony, Whistler, Anya, Jesse, Darla, oz, devin, jon, andrew, warren, the master, etc ... any cannon character from any season is welcome, Angel characters as well.

sunny_hell - The Vampire Playground
Welcome to the Hellmouth. Vampire Style.

Here's what this little RPG is all about.

Alternate Universe. Similar to that seen in the cannon episode "The Wish". Vampires Reign Supreme in Sunnydale.

We fight various good guys who come along and try to ruin our little community. We like to keep some humans around for food and some for pure entertainment. And the Slayer? Well love makes you do the wacky. Angelus and Buffy just can't seem to rid themselves of each other, and frankly they don't want to. She's not vamped out ... yet. But who knows.

Who we have:
Buffy, Angelus, Belladona (originial), Darla, Vamp Willow, Veruca, Faith, Souled Drusilla, Wesley, Giles and imagine that 4 originals.

We need:
Larry, Oz, Cordelia, harmony, Andrew, Jonathan, Warren, Scott Hope, spike (talking to someone), Xander (may still be holding) any cannon character can be either vamp or good guy, or bad guy whose not a vamp up to you. we do need a few white hats to make things interesting.

-note- this world was not created by a wish, so we could have an anya but she didn't cause this world, it's just an alternate reality.

We wanna get these started asap. In fact I may start posting some, but we want more charries and such, so get back to us.

- Gin

To the Willow, Spike & Kennedy I haven't gotten back to, please respond here, and forgive me.

White Wolf Press Release?

Has anyone heard anything about White Wolf suing Sony for copywrite infringement from the new movie "Underworld"? Apparently they claim that the movie is based on the WoD and the V:tM and W:tA games and a story that was written in those worlds .. or is this a hoax?

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